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  1. Out of all the underground artists that I listen to, I would have to say Undead Papi is one of my favorite. His style is very unique and to be honest, I can't stop listening to his most latest work "THA KULT". Although Undead Papi is mainly a Trap Metal artist, I would consider this project more Metal than anything else I've heard from him. The instrumentals sound live as f*ck, as if it was a real band playing rather than a simple guitar loop. The EP brings a burst of energy and rage into the listener, almost making it impossible to not head-bang. The raspy yell from Undead Papi makes every track more and more re-playable, and quite frankly I'd say his music is addictive. Undead collaborates with artists "BEAMON" and "TORTVRE" on this 3 song EP, but to be honest, "SHARK GRILLZ" featuring BEAMON has to be my absolute favorite. The track combines Undead's metal vocals with Beamon's sick rap verse creating a "best of both worlds" type feeling to the track. "KURB STOMP" featuring TORTVRE is another unique song in the aspect of "best of both worlds" because not only does Undead do his Metal-like chorus and verses, but TORTVRE brings something completely different to the table, adding demon-like screams, growls, and even gutterals to the mix. "MURDA WEAPONS" is a "lighter" or less "hardcore" track that still brings more than enough energy to the listeners ears. Listening to the song, you will literally feel like a super villian (or atleast I did lol) In conclusion, I give this EP a rating of 10/10. Although it is short and only consists of 3 songs, it is a complete masterpiece. Link to EP on Soundcloud :
  2. [Intro] Trap Metal is a fairly new genre popularized by famous artist "XXXTENTACION", mixing the two genres of Trap and Metal. Although it is sometimes mistaken for "Rap Metal" or "Screamo Rap", Trap Metal is a very different style genre. Unlike "Rap Metal" the vocals are derived from Metal and the instrumentals come from what some have come to call Trap. (a sub-genre of Rap which is more modern and includes more bass) Trap Metal often sounds slightly distorted, with very harsh vocals, normally comparable to those of Screamo music, but it varies in style depending on the artist. [ Here is a list of popular Trap Metal artists that I believe to be the best, and some info about the artists ] 1. XXXTENTACION (RIP) : Very popular artist, known for his versatility, popularized the genre of Trap Metal, and opened the door for new upcoming artists. 2. SCARLXRD : British artist, formerly known for his presence on Youtube, turned to hardcore, mask-wearing musician with a unique style. 3. CITY MORGUE aka ZILLAKAMI & SOSMULA : Viral underground duo from New York known for their extremely hardcore music videos. (Although claiming to not be "Trap Metal", I will still include them on this list) 4. UNDEAD PAPI : Underground talent from Wisconsin, alike "XXXTENTACION", very versatile as well. Mainly known for his unique raspy growl-like vocals. 5. CAMERONAZI & $UBJECTZ : Duo from New York that is gaining popularity for their crazy "moshpit-like" style. 6. TANK HEAD 666 : "Members Only" artist, "Tank Head 666" brings a whole new style of Trap Metal to the table. Known for his crazy performances and hardcore tracks. 7. CRAIG XEN : Also belonging to the group "Members Only", Craig Xen is a Florida artist who has worked with artists such as "XXXTENTACION", "TANK HEAD 666", and more 8. KAMIYADA : Known for his intense single "Damage Critical" where he goes completely NUTS. 9. SYBYR : Peculiar musician from Maryland, mainly known for going missing for months and his absurd music. 10. PRXJEK : Ear throbbing artist from Florida, mainly known for making Trap Metal songs so intense and loud that they are now known as "Ear Rape".