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    Clarification on Vocals

    Thank you kindly for the very insightful reply. I know that it's impossible to sound just like him precisely, but if I was to choose one vocalist who I'd like to sound somewhat akin to then it would be him but I would want to establish my own style. If I was to discover that I have a talent with singing, then I definitely wouldn't make another (yes.. there are multiple) Type O Negative cover band. I'd like to write my own lyrics and develop my own style, although I'd probably do a few too many Type O covers because I like that band a lot.. that's only on the off chance that I do have talent which I really don't know about right now. As for my notes, I can do surprisingly well, and, like I said, sound surprisingly.. perhaps even somewhat impressively, like Pete Steele or another doom/goth metal vocalist with a low voice, so hopefully I can achieve that sound but at a better volume with practicing. There's definitely an abrupt transition between me singing in a voice that's just more than a whisper and actually singing loud as you usually would when being recorded or playing at a concert; the transition makes my voice sound awkward and definitely unfavorable. Just something to take note of.
  2. CommanderSalamander

    Clarification on Vocals

    My girlfriend introduced me to Type O Negative more than several months ago and I've been addicted to listening to them recently. I realized that I had a relatively deep voice, so I thought that I'd attempt to sing a song, so I sang a few and it sounded alright to me although when I listened to the recording using my phone, it seemed to me that I was rather poor at it. Just considering that, I would presume that I wouldn't ever be able to produce the vocals as superb as your successful doom/goth metal singer, but there's something rather peculiar that I noticed. When I sing relatively softly or in a low volume, I can produce vocals that are very similar to those of Pete Steele's when I attempted to sing some of his songs; I would describe it as being more than just a whisper and definitely not a murmur. When I attempt to sing with the volume that a singer would need to sing with, something that's very crucial is missing. Additionally, my timing is perceptively quite well done and I have no difficulty with reaching the ranges of depth and height that many a singer reaches in the genres of metal that I'm interested in. Is there a way to train my voice so it sounds more like how it sounds when I have a low volume? I have one more thing to mention, and yes, this is embarrassing. I'm 18 and my voice still cracks a considerable amount (not that often though, but much more than most people my age), so I would presume that that indicates that my voice hasn't finalized changing yet so does that mean that I could potentially sound like when I sing with a lower volume when I sing with a higher volume?