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    Digital Artist with a background in illustration, photography, video, 3D, and virtual reality.
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    BC Canada

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  1. Hey all, Illustrator from BC Canada here. Hoping to make some connections towards making art, music videos, or VR experiences for doom or psychedelic metal bands. Please dont hesitate to message me if you're interested or know someone looking for my style of artwork, see attached or https://www.instagram.com/disodonelson/ for examples. Huge fan of Elder, Mastodon, Baroness, Orphans of Doom, Spirit Adrift, Karnivool, Church of the Cosmic Skull, Om, The Flatliners, and Streetlight Manifesto. I'd love suggestions for music similar to these bands. Thank you all & happy moshing! _\m/
  2. Hoping to find my way towards making album covers or art for doom / psychedelic metal bands. https://www.instagram.com/disodonelson/
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