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  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to share this ridiculously funny story to vent. I don't know if it should be posted here but whether you believe me or not, I find it hysterical months later. Here we go. So me and my group of friends were invited to a party in October. It was at a pretty big local park/trailing area. And me and my friends wandered off into the woods area of the park. But as we were going into the woods. This guy comes up behind us and Stutters like crazy and says "Can I join you guys?" (In the most raspy voice ever) So we looked intimated a little and we were just like yeah sure but we laughed. And so this is where the fun begins. Me and one of my friends were talking about Morbid Angel and out of no where the guy screams ALTARS OF MADNESS at the top of his lungs and jumps on a log. we were laughing but I thought this guy would be somewhat cool. He couldn't stop murmuring to himself the whole time and eventually we stopped in the middle of the forest and one of my friends was lighting a joint. So, "crazy guy"sits on a log and is scratching the log with his nails Non stop and i mean non stop. he couldn't stop murmuring "bible basher" it was getting progressively louder each time he said Bible basher (by Deicide) But as my friend's were smoking (I personally don't) He wants a puff too, so he pulls out 25$ and says here who wants. and we were like nah you good keep it. Then as hes smoking he brings up how he has scars and holes on his stomach.We're like, ok? So hes like im serious. and unbuttons his shirt and shows us and I broke loose laughing. I could not stop. i shit you not He then does the Nazi Salute and Screams "Heil Hitler"! We were all laughing but we were also kinda scared of this guy. He was bat shit crazy doing all sorts of things. This may sound unbelievable but it actually happened. It was one of those funny moments I look back on when I'm sad. So anyways he runs off into the distance. And we never saw him again. We got a pic of him and a video of his chanting lol. But I respect his privacy lmao. Any ways I just wanted to share this because it still makes me laugh months later. And maybe you guys have some input.
  2. I listen to mostly old hardcore punk. But lately I've really been digging this band called Samiam
  3. Hey guys, beginner guitarist here. Starting to get into styles and tones. Does anyone know what kind of gear the German Metal band Destruction uses to get their sound?
  4. Hey all, Recently been delving into more prog metal and i'm looking for bands that have that same style of DT's first album. I really love the vocals especially. Any more bands like that? Ty guys!
  5. I was just curious if it would sound/be good to switch up vocal style/techniques in the same song or different song. For example, One song will have a low guttural growl, while one can have high pitched growls. Do you think something like that is good? Or should I stick to one "formula?" Thank you!
  6. I'd say the general public. Like the average joe shmoe or soccer mom lol.
  7. Greetings guys! Not sure if this has been done here already but which metal song do you guys think deserves the top spot for rustling jimmies? IMO, I'd say Necropedofile by Cannibal Corpse or Speak English or die by S.O.D. Feel free to share!
  8. Whether you like Dimmu Borgir new, old, or both. I think A lot love this song!
  9. Lich King-Eternal Nightmare (Vio-lence cover)
  10. Thank you guys for the nice welcome! Lately, I've been leaving my comfort zone of "Only listen to old bands and the new stuff that old bands put out." And have been trying out some 100% recent bands. Like Lich King and Havok. Also about the computer thing, It is pretty expensive but it all depends on your needs. But yeah my brother wants to start recording some of his guitar/vocal stuff and I'm setting him up with all the recording equipment so I'll be using a PC for that definitely lol. I'm gonna check out more of the forum here, I'm actually looking for some stuff to buy my bro for his recording. Thank you for the welcome once again!
  11. Greetings everyone! All I can really say about myself is I love computer hardware, everything digital, and of course metal. That's about it..Hope you guys like the Megadeth reference in the title😂