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    I used to play in a band in the 90's. I played guitar and sang. I have been a metalhead for more than 30 years.
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    metal, black magick, martial arts, writing

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    Metal, black magick, martial arts, writing...
  1. Any fans of this terrific band from the 80's and 90's? A little trivia, their singer, Messiah Marcolin, was approached by Ghost to be their singer. If you are a fan of Candlemass, how epic would that have been?
  2. I agree it is a big tent. I am just concerned with its popularity in high schools in the US. I work around youth and it seems most are not at all interested in metal. I would like to see that change however.
  3. I am very familiar with them. Definitely check out Steve Grimmet's Grim Reaper. My favorite album of theirs is Rock You to Hell. I listen to that regularly!
  4. I wish there was a thread for speed metal, which was what most power metal was before the classification. If Helloween is power metal, I would say them. If King Diamond is power metal I would say they are second. If Sanctuary is power metal, I would say they are third.
  5. Depends on when you grew up. In my opinion, there isn't a better year for metal than 1987. King Diamond's Abigail, Grim Reaper's Rock You to Hell, Helloween's Keeper Part I, Anthrax Among the Living, etc. But this was my youth. I am not a big fan of 90's metal, but I thought 00's metal saw a return to better melodies and more visceral, less grungie (groove) oriented metal. I think now it is struggling, but Black Metal and Grindcore are still keeping it going.
  6. I am just concerned about the ages of listeners. I know new stuff is always being created. But firstly, are these young bands? And secondly, are young people listening to them? I do hope so. It just seems in the states there isn't a large youth metal movement. Possibly this is not the case in, say, Norway or other countries where metal is significant.
  7. Anyone remember this band?
  8. As far as newer bands, Ghost, Gojira, American Satan soundtrack, new Behemoth (not new, but new material I suppose), and Infant Annihilator. Ambient beauty. I would add anything by Enslaved and Emperor as well! I used to host a metal video show in the early 00's and got to interview The Haunted. Peter Dolving was fucking HILARIOUS! I kept in contact with him for a while afterward. As far as newer bands, Ghost, Gojira, American Satan soundtrack, new Behemoth (not new, but new material I suppose), and Infant Annihilator.
  9. What do you think? How many young metal bands are there? It seems the youth movement is almost entirely rap hip/hop. I think we need a new sound, a more terrifying evil band to come out that is young and original.
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