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  1. Hellooo! Thanks for the welcome ^^.
  2. Hi folks! The name's Gerhardt, Dutch, 28, and I live in Spain. I'm currently writing an album, but need experienced musicians willing to dedicate themselves to this project. Stylistically, it's somewhere between 90's Metallica's Load and Reload, and The Haunted's last three records with Dolving. The way I compose tends to create heavy rock songs with an often classic (80's and 90's) melodic thrash and grunge basis, but with a (hopefully) haunting, psychedelic ambience. Aside from this project, some of my favourite bands and sources of inspiration are: Mastodon, Opeth, Gojira, The Haunted, Metallica, Megadeth, plus any good movie soundtrack that strikes a nerve. (Preferably John Williams, James Newton Howard, and Phillip Glass.) I studied music for three years in the U.K., and I'm a guitarist, singer, and composer. Therefor, I need the rest of a solid, experienced band! I'm willing to travel anywhere really, (Sweden, USA, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Germany. Anyway, hit me up for any info! Don't be a fool, this could be cool! Let's make some good music!
  3. My name's Gerhardt, and just discovered this kickass page! Kudos, and thanks for creating such an awesome platform for metal people to get together and interact! As you can read in my wee bio, I'm Dutch, and currently living in Spain. I'm currently writing an album, but I need more musicians. Hence me starting on here. Like I said, I live in Spain, but I'm up for something new, and willing to travel anywhere (U.K., Netherlands, but perferably Sweden) as long as the musicians are serious about making a kickass metal record. I'll post a new topic in the "looking for band section" where I'll explain a little more about myself and the project. Anyway, thank you, and I hope to meet some cool people!