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    I'm a film student. Returned to "my roots" and started listening to metal more than before because of many of the students and our teacher all were metal folk.
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    Movies, blogging, writing...

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  1. The soundtrack of Night In The Woods by Alec Holowka
  2. Harness your hopes by Pavement
  3. Very Finnish. I love it
  4. 1. Kaboom by Ursula 1000 2. Älä tyri nyt by Jukka Poika 3. Not Your Son by Lapko 4. Armo by Apulanta 5. Mississippi King by Five Horse Johnson 6. A New Age Moving In by D-A-D 7. Settin' the Woods On Fire by Hank Williams 8. Teenage Whore by Hole 9. Whole by Girlyboi 10. I Know Where You Sleep by Emilie Autumn
  5. I've been ill all week, then got better, then started to feel sick again. Yeah, not sure if I'm excited about spending my summer break in bed hoping I won't throw up. And it's midsummer. A friend from school came to my town, wanted to go to a club with her friends and I hated saying no to going. Also I haven't drank since our gala, which was my lowest point of the whole year - absolutely shitfaced at 6.30 PM. I'm almost glad screenwriters didn't win anything, because I was definitely not in the right mind to walk in front of people. A
  6. I had to really dig for a band for this, because it had to be something I'm very familiar with. I would've wanted to do this with Profetus but honestly I have like three albums to work with, so instead I'm going to go with Finnish industrial metal band called Manzana. so here's best of Manzana, carefully chosen by Misto: Stay Away From My Universe (Industrial Hippies, 2010) Love Hate Song (Toy Machine, 2013) Beautiful Nightmare (Toy Machine, 2013) Mother Can't Rock (Industrial Hippies, 2010) Creeps and Happy Whores (Toy Machine, 2013) Danse Macabre*) (2018) World is a Vampire (Babies of Revolution, 2008) Speed Up The Train (Industrial Hippies, 2010) Bitch Likes to Hit (Toy Machine, 2013) End of the World (Babies of Revolution, 2008) OK Metal (Toy Machine, 2013) Demolition Doll (Industrial Hippies, 2010) Falling to Pieces (Nothing As Whole As A Broken Heart, 2007) *) It seems like their new album is still not out yet and their website is not working atm so I can't double check, but no other website has any info on their newest album so I guess the only track out is Danse Macabre and it's not even out as a single, just as a music video... Honestly since Manzana is as obscure as it is, it's hard to know which songs are popular and which ones are overlooked because I'm honestly just going with my taste and what they play at their gigs. Also if there ever is a best of, I hope no one asks me about the order of the songs because honestly, I know nothing about that.
  7. I recently started listening to 2 Times Terror, because Turmion Kätilöt is one of my favourite bands, and one that really stands out from the rest for me, so when I heard about this side project I had to give it a listen. But there's one song that really caught my attention and it's Ikävässä Paikassa. It has amazing lyrics (their lyrics are my favourite part of all of their songs) and several parts that just get stuck in my head on a loop. I also saw the video for the first time while looking for a link to the song and it's fast pace reminds me of the kind of rock videos made in Voionmaa because of the fast editing, but I was disappointed to find out this video had nothing to do with Markus Nieminen, who I usually associate with Finnish metal music videos. I don't know what exactly is it that tickles my fancy about this song. It sounds amazing, lyrics are great, it's just a top song from them, and one that stands out from 2 Times Terror.
  8. Kuoleman Kehdossa by 2 Time Terror feat. Hurja
  9. I mostly listen to music for the melody and sounds, I don't really hear or read lyrics. I mean I'm kind of new to certain genres so when it comes to just really low growling, I can't really hear the lyrics yet. I mean I'm probably going to learn to hear the lyrics some day. But then again when I can hear the lyrics I do pay attention to them. They're not the most important thing in a song for me, it's still more about what they sound like. Also I pay more attention to lyrics if they are in Finnish, then it just kind of sinks in. Like I understand English very well, but still when it comes to music I don't listen as well as when it comes to Finnish. If there's something weird in the lyrics in English or any other language, I just kind of ignore it, but in Finnish it's like wait what. Honestly though, they still matter somewhat. Even if I wouldn't really listen to lyrics, I still wouldn't want to listen to, say, NSBM and other stuff like that.
  10. I've tried singing to Memories Fall by Dark Sarah, since that track also features Manuela Kraller. Actually trying to sing any songs by female vocalists who've been trained to be a classical singer, they just can reach places I can't, so that's pretty much every song sang by people like Heidi Parviainen or Tarja Turunen, etc.
  11. I've played piano most of my life but when I moved out, I can't really take our piano with me, nor can I afford an actual piano, so I started looking for keyboards, and then got one. It' a Casio, has tons of different settings, and I'm trying to figure most of them out. Most of the time I've only used the basic piano setting of "chapel organ" when I want something theatrical. I probably should get to know the rest.
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