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    I play in a folk band called The Captain's Beard, yes we dress as pirates. Yes we are ripping off Alestorm, but very quietly it has to be said.
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    Metal, Folk music.

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  1. Felix

    I'm a pirate

    I play in a folk band called The Captain's Beard. We tour around the UK. Hoping to make it over to America sometime soon as Florida has a million Pirate festivals. Metal and folk are my great passions so Eluveitie and Korpiklaani are like sex on toast for me. Also love daft metal like Alestorm, Gloryhammer etc because life is too short to be serious. If you're going to Graspop in Belgium next week I'll see you there!
  2. I always bring my guitar when i go to festivals and it's great when i figure out a song everyone wants hear. It brings everyone together and it's great for making new friends. "Tribute" and "Nancy the tavern wench" are the current favourites at the moment but i was wondering what everyone else would like to hear? P.S. I'm going to Graspop in Belgium in a couple of weeks so if you see a man dressed as a pirate stumbling round the campsite with a guitar - that's me!