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    Keep calm, i am a Vindictive Man
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    Bandung, West java
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    Listen some Extreme music

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  1. Rieznan

    Hello from Indonesia

    But actually, I'm also not sure if he's a metalhead or just a poser. Because he only wore it when approaching the election and that's bad I think
  2. Rieznan

    Hello from Indonesia

    Thank's dude, Black metal always great in my opinion, they're so Cruel, i also listen some Cool Thrash metal band like Tankard,Sadus,etc
  3. Rieznan

    What Are You Listening To?

    Jasad - annihilate the enemy
  4. Rieznan

    Hello from Indonesia

    Oh really, I've never heard before, maybe he's too busy with his political affairs
  5. Rieznan

    Hello from Indonesia

    Hi there My name is Rieznan, and I came from Bandung, West java. In my Country, my town was known as the barometers of rock and Metal music of Indonesian music scene. Great to meet you all and great to share information about heavy metal
  6. Rieznan

    Just Joint

    Finally I found you, Indonesia has a lot of very talented Brutal bands. But unfortunately the support of the media still feels very less