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    Metalhead for 25+ years. Former Law Enforcement (16 years), U.S. Army Vet (4 years). Amateur Photographer.
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    Berlin, Germany
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    Metal (of course), tech, interesting discussions

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  1. redn3ck

    What's Up Guys & Gals

    Yeah, for a band that's constantly on the verge of break up, it's a wonder anybody follows them. They're a local band for me though, so I feel at least a little bit obliged (plus I think their music is awesome!) so.....
  2. redn3ck

    Songs that affect you

    Pick a LoG song. There are so many for me that have some meaning, it's hard to pick one. They all affect me differently, depending on my mood or how I'm feeling (both physically and mentally).
  3. redn3ck

    What's Up Guys & Gals

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been in the metal scene in some shape, form or fashion for 25+ years now. I started off with.....you guessed it.....Metallica. "Kill'em All" was my favorite at the time. From there it progressed to Megadeth, Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, Slayer.....you name it, I probably listened to it or at least heard of it. When I heard Pantera for the first time, I knew it was all over for me, or so I thought. The boyfriend of my (at the time) girlfriend's sister asked me, "Hey, do you listen to Death Metal?". I, of course said, "Huh, what's that?". He took me to my first Death Metal Concert at Huxley's Neue Welt in Berlin (where I was stationed at the time). That was the first time I heard Bolt Thrower and I never looked back. I knew that metal would always be an integral part my life, and it has been. I've had many ups and downs, but metal music has always seen me through it. As it says in my Bio I'm former Law Enforcement (please don't let that scare you away) and military. After multiple surgeries, the most recent being 6 surgeries on my back/spine, I had to give up my Law Enforcement career. My disabilities keep me from working, so I'm finding a new path. I've recently taken a stab a concert photography and love it. In Berlin, there is no shortage of shows. I'm not very good yet, but I sure as shit having fun with it. I believe that since metal music has given so much to me, it's time to give back. I hope to document not just the music, but also the energy and comradery that you find at the shows and in the metal scene as a whole. For those who would like to know, Lamb of God is by far my all time favorite band. Other than that, it's your standard fair. I haven't really found any metal I truly didn't like. I do venture off sometimes into house and dubstep, simply because of the heavy beats you can find there. Thanks for reading, and I hope to connect with y'all real soon.