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  1. Horns
    EmeraldDark given a Damn from Rieznan in Who Are “The Big 4” of Thrash?   
    Before the Big Four of Thrash festival, I didn’t hear the title The Big Four referring to those specific bands. If I were asked who the biggest four of thrash were, I would say Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. Someone else would say Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Testament or Exodus. 
    There hasn’t ever been any doubt that Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer are the big three pioneers of thrash metal. However until the Big Four of Thrash festival the fourth was not confirmed. Since the festival whenever someone says The Big Four, everyone knows that Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax are meant. That festival raised the status of these bands (especially Anthrax) to the absolute best four bands of thrash. Anthrax was on the train on time, but Testament and Exodus missed the train.
    In other words: Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax were inofficially the big four of thrash, but that festival officially raised them on that status. People don’t have to guess anymore who are among the big four. (at least where I live).
  2. Horns
    EmeraldDark given a Damn from Fjara in Speed/Thrash Recomendation   
    There are some bands that have not been mentioned yet. 
    German/Swiss Thrash and Speed
    Assassin (Thrash) song: Abstract War
    Accu§er (technical Thrash) song: Master of Desaster
    Angel Dust - Into the Dark Past song: Legions of Destruction (thrash/speed)
    Angel Dust - To Dust We Must Decay song: Mr Inferno
    Apocalypse song: Digital Life (melodic thrash)
    Blitzz - Do the Blitz EP song: Tarantella (Speed metal from former East Germany with female vocals)
    early Blind Guardian (Speed Metal) song: Fast to Madness
    Celtic Frost song: Into the Crypt of Ray
    Despair - History of Hate (technical Thrash/Speed)
    Erosion - Thoughts ( Thrash)
    Helloween - Walls of Jericho song: Metal Invaders (speed metal)
    Mania song: Wizard of the Lost Kingdom (speed/power)
    Paradox song Paradox (Thrash/Power)
    Running Wild song Riding the Storm (melodic speed)
    Risk - The Daily Horror News song Living in Chaos (thrash/speed)
    Risk song Ratman (Thrash)
    Sieges Even - Lifecycles song: Repression and Resistance (progressive thrash)
    Savage Circus song Evil Eyes (speed metal in the style of early Blind Guardian)
    Tankard song: The Morning After (thrash)
    Vendetta song Brain Damage (melodic thrash)
    Wardance - Heaven for Sale song Paris in Fear (speed metal with female vocals)
    Warrant (Germany) - The Enforcer (speed)
    X Wild - Savageland (speed/power)
    More bands:
    Speed/Thrash Metal:
    Agent Steel song Agents of Steel 
    Anvil (Speed of Sound/Speed)
    Exciter (Rain of Terror/Speed)
    Grip Inc - Power of Inner Strength (side project of Dave Lombardo and Waldemar Sorychta fro Slayer/Thrash)
    Hobbs Angel of Death (thrash) song: Marie Antoinette
    Hexx - No Escape (Speed/Power)
    Hexx - Under the Spell (Speed)
    Hexenhaus - Edge to Eternity (technical Thrash)
    Helstar song The King Is Dead (thrash)
    Hades song Opinionated (thrash)
    Indestroy - Indestroy (thrash)
    Lääz Rockit (bay area thrash)
    Midas Touch - Presage of Desaster (thrash)
    Mordred - Fool’s Game (bay area thrash) song: Spectacle of Fear
    Mortal Sin - Mayhemic Destruction (thrash)
    Meliah Rage - Kill to Survive (thrash)
    Mandator - Initial Velocity (thrash)
    Mucky Pup song: Little Pig (crossover thrash)
    Napalm - Cruel Tranquility song: Practice What You Preach (thrash)
    Nasty Savage - Penetration Point/Abstract Reality/Indulgence (thrash) song: XXX
    M.O.D. song Surf USA (crossover thrash)
    Pariah - Blaze of Obscurity (power/thrash)
    Pestilence - Malleus Maleficarum/Comsuming Impulse/Testimony of the Ancients (thrash with hints of death metal)
    Racer X - Street Lethal (speed)
    Sacrilege UK - Behind the Realms of Madness (Crusted Thrash)
    Savage Grace - Master of Disguise (speed)
    Sanctuary - Into the Mirror Black (progressive heavy/thrash)
    Toranaga (thrash)
    Toxik song Heart Attack (thrash with high pitched vocals)
    Terrorizer song Fear of Napalm (brutal thrash with Grindcore blasts)
    Xentrix (thrash)
  3. Horns
    EmeraldDark given a Damn from Requiem in Theatre of Tragedy   
    Among the Stavangan Gothic Metal bands, I like Theatre of Tragedy, Tristania, and The Sins of Thy Beloved. Theatre of Tragedy is still my favorite. Velvet Darkness They Fear is my favorite album by them along with Aegis. My ranking would be
    7. Assembly
    6. Musique
    5. Storm
    4. Forever is the World
    3. Theatre of Tragedy
    1. Velvet Darkness They Fear and Aegis