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  1. Slipknot Iowa vs Slipknot Connecticut

    There are two bands with the name Slipknot. Slipknot from Iowa is well-known while the one from Connecticut is very underground. The one from Connecticut plays a kind of Crossover thrash in the late 1980s. Tell me which Slipknot you like better? Slipknot (Iowa) Slipknot (Connecticut)
  2. Drone Metal

    Try some Earth
  3. Anti Nu-Metal

    I sometimes listen to some Clawfinger, Spineshank, or Skinlab. From Clawfinger, I recommend Recipe of Hate. From Spineshank I recommend Synthetic. From Skinlab listen to Come Get In. Skinlab have been a Groove Metal band similar to Machine Head, but their album ReVolting Room is considered a fusion of Groove and Nu metal.
  4. Band recommandations with growls/screams

    You should try Skinlab. They are mainly a Groove Metal band, yet their album ReVoltingRoom is considered Groove/Nu Metal. It is not purely Groove nor purely Nu Metal. Come Get In
  5. Gothic Rock

    I listen to Death rock and Gothic Rock. From the 70s, I like Ballad of Dwight Fry by Alice Cooper. Other bands that fall under death rock are Burning Image, The Flesh Eaters, Kommunity FX, and 45 Grave. I also like the progressive death rock band Theatre of Ice. Among the second wave of Gothic Rock, I like Sisters of Mercy and Alien Sex Fiend. Modern Goth bands I like are Gothministers, Flowing Tears, and Love Like Blood.
  6. Theatre of Tragedy

    Aegis was the first album I bought from Theatre of Tragedy. I also like to listen to the demo. I like the live performance of The Sins of Thy Beloved. Especially, I like Nebula Queen. They had a violinist on stage. I have not listened to any studio versions yet except for Until the Dark.
  7. Noise Music

    I know the band Lightning Bolt. Colossus is a song by them that gives you an idea how noise rock sounds.
  8. Gothabilly

    Another example are the Coffin Draggers with their song Dead Girls Don’t Say No. The Hammerdowns and the Coffin Draggers are hard-edged.
  9. Gothabilly

    In my introduction, I mentioned that besides metal, I like Gothabilly among other genres. Someone asked me what Gothabilly is. Gothabilly is a fusion of Rockabilly with gothic rock. In order for you to know how Gothabilly sounds, I suggest three main bands I know. Deadbolt: My favorite song by them is El Paso The Hammerdowns: I suggest the song Frankenstein’s Hotrod Ghoultown: listen to Drink with the Living Dead I want to know what you guys think of this musical style based on the suggested songs.
  10. Metal fan from Germany

    It is a fusion of Rockabilly with Gothic/Death Rock elements. It sounds like dark southern rock. I may open a thread dedicated to Gothabilly.
  11. Theatre of Tragedy

    Among the Stavangan Gothic Metal bands, I like Theatre of Tragedy, Tristania, and The Sins of Thy Beloved. Theatre of Tragedy is still my favorite. Velvet Darkness They Fear is my favorite album by them along with Aegis. My ranking would be 7. Assembly 6. Musique 5. Storm 4. Forever is the World 3. Theatre of Tragedy 1. Velvet Darkness They Fear and Aegis
  12. Metal fan from Germany

    Hallo, I like to listen to all shades of metal. Mostly, I listen to Power Metal, Gothic Metal, and the different shades of Doom Metal. Besides metal, I like death rock, progressive rock, and all the genres that ends with -billy, such as rockabilly, gothabilly etc.