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  1. IanMoone


    Some technical death metal bands from EU:
  2. IanMoone

    Who is the best out of the big 4 ???

  3. IanMoone

    Top 10 Thrash Albums

    Demolition Hammer - Epidemic Of Violence Sepultura - Arise Metallica - Ride the Lightning Overkill - The Years of Decay Exodus - Bonded by Blood Slayer - Hell Awaits Kreator - Pleasure to Kill Annihilator - Alice in Hell
  4. IanMoone

    Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls

    'The Book of Souls' is a bloated, unrefined album that could have been so much better if the band spent more time choosing and rehearsing their songs, cut the length considerably, and found some of their old spirit. The production is poorly done too, which doesn't help matters. As a 50 minutes album, this would had been spectacular but 92 minutes is just overwhelming. I tend to listen to my favorite parts and ignore skip some of the weaker moments, that's something I hate to do since I love listening to albums as a whole.
  5. IanMoone

    Speed/Thrash Recomendation

    One of my favorite song:
  6. IanMoone

    Megadeth & Metallica

    I like both, but Metallica is a little bit more.
  7. IanMoone

    Favourite Album

    Ride the Lightning actually does stand the test of time.
  8. IanMoone

    Metallica 2015 Album

    what is the 2015 album?