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  1. "Harvest time" came into being in 2011. At the beginning in was just a studio project, which was created by: Nikolay Temnoyarov - guitars, piano, music Maria Guseva - vocal and choir Vitaliy Belov - lyrics They recorded the first album "Harvest Time" titled after the main song. Soon the band desided to take the same name. Later, the project was joined by: Alexandr Evstigneev - bass-guitar Andrey Berg - drums After that "Harvest Time" became a full-fledged band and started to give concerts. The collective only tested their strangth in the debut album. Musicians made enthusiastical experements with forms and genres, sound of guitar, synthesizer and simphonic instruments. Althought solo-guitar was almost not used in the first album. Its part was played by piano. Despite of "raw" and spontaneity the records were notable by their unconventionality and unusual sounding. The two compositions particulary stand out of others: distopia song "New World" and mini-opera "Crows", in which invited vocalists took part. "Hour of Marauder" The next album had been creaded since 2012 to 2015. In thier new compositions band started to use ellements of different modern and akademical musical directions: from extreme stiles to rather calm acoustics. In fact, "Harvest Time" refused to follow the rules of simphonic metall, turning into russian equivalent of Nightwish and Therion. The second album, as well as the first one, turned out to be very diverse, but differed from the previous by thoughtfullness and higher quality. Among all the songs, listeners especially marked thillers "Ithaca is no more" and "The American Dream". The album includes ten tracks in total. "For the Sun Rises Tomorrow" The third album had been recorded from 2015 to 2018. In addition to new compositions, it also included three songs written in 2012 for the "Hour of Marauder". Actualy, at first the band was going to release just a single with these three new songs. However, during the recording process new material appeared, and the band decided to expand the single to the full-length album. The new work was striking different from the previous ones. The third album included a lot of melodic and calm compositions, and the guitar parts became more complicated and pressed the piano parts a little. Stylistically, the album turned out to be very diverse again: from slashing thrillers("Dragon", "Labyrinth") to leisurely philosophical ballads ("Memory", "The Way Home"). The theme of the songs also changed: their meaning shifted to inner experiences and various adges of human life. Album "For the Sun Rises Tomorrow" contains ten songs. It`s very difficult to highlight any particular one of all: each song is interesting in its own way and, surely, will find its listener. Site https://harvesttime.ru Facebook community https://facebook.com/harvesttimeband Bandcamp https://harvesttime.bandcamp.com VK https://vk.com/harvesttime
  2. Hi folks! I'am russian metalhead and composer. If you like sympho/doom/gothic metal and play keyboard, write me!
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