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  1. Hi @Balor Sorry for my late response and thanks for sharing the problems you had with the website. I have worked hard the last weeks fixing several bugs and adding new features like being able to play music on spotify and youtube directly from the website. Now you can also see songs lyrics on Musixmatch and the search was heavily improved, now it works like a global search instead of just bands. Thanks!
  2. @FatherAlabaster I will add bandcamp integration to the list, you mean like being able to open bandcamp from the website or to import data from there?
  3. Hi @Balor thanks a lot for signing up, please feel free to come back with any feedback you may have, the website is still super super new and a work in progress so I will be adding more cool stuff in the following weeks (currently working on a full spotify/youtube integration). Thanks!
  4. Hi @FatherAlabaster thanks a lot for taking the time to check out the website, I really appreciate it, specially as this is the first time I share it outside of my friends. This started just as a hobbie project but now I have a lot of ideas of cool and new stuff I want to implement. To answer your main question about what would set this website apart from the Metal Archives: 1. First, I am trying to provide a more friendly user interface for both web and mobile, things like what you are saying of having the search on the header is actually a great great idea to help on this. In the next version one of my goals, still talking about the search bar, is to make it smart enough to go and look for everything, not only bands but also albums and songs, without having to manually choose what you want to look for. 2. About reviews, I am not planning on integrate with MA reviews for now. If you sign up on my website you can actually start rating bands and albums and they will get stored in your profile, so it will become kind of your own bands catalog. By ratings bands you also affect bands global ratings. So it works similar to MA but my idea was to make rating simpler and quicker so it encourages more people to do so. In your profile you can see the bands you have rated and bands you have saved to listen later, you can sort bands and albums by your rating or global ratings. So for example I have been using the website to help me decide what to listen, so I would go for example to the Evergrey detail page, and sort the albums by my rating to remember which ones are the ones I like the most and pick one of those. 3. Regarding being more inclusive, you are right, MA is very picky. I am using them as my source of data because it was easier when I started the project but is not written on stone that it will always be like that. For now my goal is to implement new stuff, things that are not present at all in MA to try to attract users, things like a full integration with Spotify so you can go to my website, look for something to listen to and open it on Spotify from there, or have the possibility to create custom collections to organize your bands, or an advanced search page to really make it easy to find new music, something that is also in the horizon is to add bands biographies, but not in a wikipedia style but something more visual and easy to read and follow. Just to name some of the ideas I have. So yeah, that's my focus right now but my long term goal is to get to a point in which users can edit bands/albums/artists/songs information as they do on MA, and to add new bands I think it would be cool to include the community in the process of deciding what band gets in and what band does not, is just a matter of finding a balance between being picky and let everybody in. Sorry for too much writing but I just wanted to share my goals for the website, as I said at the beginning, this is the first time I share it online, so it is still a very very young project, still a work in progress. That's why feedback like yours is super helpful and super important for me, thanks a lot!!
  5. So I wanted to share my hobbie project, something that I have been working the last months, is still a work in progress, but it is already up and running. Right now it serves as a heavy metal database (powered by The Metal Archives) with a super easy to use search functionality. You can also sign up and start creating your own bands catalog by rating them, you can rate albums as well. Based on these ratings there are more interesting things that I am planning to add in the near future. I would really appreciate if you guys can check the website and share feedback or thoughts on things that you would expect from a website like this. The url is: https://metalheadslml.com/ Thanks a lot in advance!
  6. Hey guys, my name is Juan Morales, I have been a heavy metal fan for almost my entire life, heavy metal is a passion for me and I feel so proud to be part of such an amazing global community!I have been working the last months on a heavy metal website, it is still a work in progress but right now you can find information about any heavy metal band (powered by the Metal Archives) and you can sign up and start rating bands and albums, which is super cool cause then it will be useful to find new bands to listen based on global ratings.There are many many interesting features in the roadmap like a full integration with spotify (being able to open albums and songs in spotify from the website), song lyrics, an advanced search page and adding more interesting information to the bands like bands biographies, but displayed in a way that is easy and fun to read, just to name some of the features I want to implement in the next 2-3 months. It would be great if you can check it out and provide some feedback and thoughts. The website is: https://metalheadslml.com/Thanks!
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