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  1. Hey, guys! I'm looking for bands who'd like to have their music used as a soundtrack to my art promo videos. I can pay little sum for this, I don't expect it for free. If you're in a band, or have friends who are, please get in touch here on a forum, send here a link with your music or post name of the band. Please, do not send me suggestions to bands I could ask. Contacting bands directly one by one ended up being frustrating, time wasting without results, lot of ignoring of my honest professional interest. That's why I rather inquire on open forum, hoping to find someone serious to work with. I will not publish anything without band's consent and approval, I respect musicians. I have a few ideas and plans for my vids, so I'm looking some variety. Currently I search for 1. Deeper, meandering mid to low tempo black metal with longer instrumental parts, 2. Darker prog and heavy metal with plenty of instrumental parts, 3. melodic Stoner rock/metal If your music doesn't fit this, but you're interested or curious, reply in a thread I will have a listen, I might change my ideas about my videos, if I will find other ways how to use it. Quickly about me (as I am a newbie on this forum) My name is Jan, I am a tattooist/artist based in Scotland. You can find out more about me on disorderart.com with links to my social media there. Thanks for reading and engaging, all responses are appreciated! Cheers!