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  1. Sindod

    Best Virtual Simulators

    I could probably use a studio bass for the record only, but EZdrummer sounds like a good option. I'll dig in it! cheers
  2. hay everyone! I’m working on a project & I have a few songs ready, that is, I’ve recorded vocals & electric guitars. but I’ve written bass & drums in guitar pro. considering I cannot add anybody to my band at this point because am in Iran & I must work solo as of yet, anybody know any virtual programs they’ve worked with that can simulate a relatively realistic sound for drums & bass? realistic enough to go in a first record?
  3. Sindod

    How do you like your black metal?

    low quality oldschools and epic black/dooms like summoning and Dreams of Nature are my favorites ; especially when at a winter night, alone in the mountain & these hard little hailstones which feel like oldschool black are hitting my face yeah right, i'm also not sure what's the relation here with oldschool punkrock. but I also find them similar. and it's not just me, if you look at darkthrone, there are a lot of stuff directly called punk even, and I recall Nergal once said that behemoth's music is continuation of oldschool punkrock in his interview for Satanica dvd.
  4. Sindod


    not sure if they're considered folk-metal but "Cult of Fire" is your demon, there also songs from Nile, Behemoth, Therion, Melechesh, etc. that revolve around Hindu practices particularly. but I seriously think that we need some great new bands to explore that field
  5. Sindod

    Favourite lyrics

    Rust - Darkthrone Endings and Continuations - Dimmu Materal - Enslaved Natural Liberation Of Fear - Nile Face of God -HIM Defiling Morality of Black God - Behemoth of course pretty much anything from these bands and others like Satyricon, Borknagr, Summoning, etc. but these six are examples of my most favorites
  6. Sindod

    Your Lyrics

    wrote this a few days ago after meditating on the creeping apocalypse, but since I may actually be singing this in a song, I won't share it in full, just the second verse : I tread over the broken stones of Hammurabi's law, the father’s law in & out of many worlds, I rape to awake the quantum devouring core I am the meditator of Ragnarok the Deity of All, None, One I am the indefinite tremours that lives by the power of his origin
  7. Sindod

    Skols from Iran

    hay everybody; 'tis Sindod from Iran. it’s a decade am a metalhead and I play electric & bass guitar. particularly love freerunning in the forest while listening to Darkthrone, Dimmu n Summoning, but I listen & play all sorts of black & death & inbetweens. as a practitioner of Tantra, I find black metal a music fitting for mystics and magicians, as it is also mostly performed in a spiritual and magical context. may I use this oppurtunity to say, I’m also looking for a metalhead that lives in Turkey, to be my most credible source of information, since I wanna travel there in a short time cheers everyone n \m/ Stay Evil \m/