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  1. Katassamalass is an old school brutal death metal project, after the band has split in 2000 after the release of the mini album "Mutilated Penis" output under the label Painkiller, split with the black metal band "Svartkrist". Gabriele Cassano is the composer, wrote the lyrics and sing the old songs and new. On the album "Extreme brutality," which will be released sometime in 2016, there is the participation of certain solos Patrick Di Venti, guitarist in Inner Fire . A second album is on the way and will be attended by Livio Paulon (ex-singer Ackros ). The first album is on sale for 9€ (+ shipping costs according to postage rates) : on https://katassamalass.bandcamp.com/album/extreme-brutality or on http://www.katassamalass.eu/boutique/. facebook : https://www.facebook.com/katassamalass/ website : http://www.katassamalass.eu/ Extract from the album :
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