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  1. Right, so so far I've only been able to find two bands that fit what I've been looking for: Orphaned Land and Tengger Cavalry. Kinda got the whole genre thing mixed up because I am an idiot and I listen to so much music that qualifies as both power and folk, sorry for that >.> Might make sense to move this to the Folk Metal subforum, maybe. Anywho, have two examples:
  2. Ahoy, a week ago or so I made my own metal based Discord server where people can recommend music to each other, share pictures, talk about stuff, etc. all around metal. We already got more than a dozen users, but most of them happen to be only part-time metalheads, and I'd love it if more people who are deeper into the materia could spread their knowledge around. If you are interested in joining, please follow this link: https://discord.gg/MURCBz6 See you guys around! (Also, I am not sure this is the right subforum or not, if not I apologise.)
  3. This would make for a great t-shirt print
  4. Hello, I am not sure on wether or not this is a bug, so I am just gonna ask. Basically, what I am expecting is to get a Notification whenever someone posts in a thread I am stalking, but that only appears to be happening when I am being qouted. Here's a screenshot of my notification settings: If it makes a difference, I am using Chrome.
  5. Well, Orden Ogan's been doing their own themes, some more dark steam/gothic punk (Easton Hope), post-apocalyptic winter (To the End) and western (Gunmen). So the potential really is there. And one could argue (and Wikipedia supports this, at the very least) that Alestorm and Running Wild are both Power Metal, and we all know what their songs tend to be about Imo one of the most defining parts of the subgenre - aside from the sound - is that it's about taking the listener to strange worlds, to tell them a story of the fantastic and forgotten. It's just that most bands seem to think that this only includes whatever standard Lord of the Rings inspired fantasy is about, because that's where way back in the day Dio started. I'd just personally like to see more diverse settings.
  6. I will do that! I am not really here to discuss these things, I can only judge things from the best of my own knowledge. And aside from Manowar (who I do not listen to) I don't actually know any popular powermetal bands that aren't European but I might be biased based on being European myself. Well, I have heard a few South American bands, but they don't really seem to incorporate any of their own cultures into their music, which is a shame (it's always just dragons, fighting with swords and all that jazz). Would love to hear some stuff based on South American mythologies.
  7. Power Metal is one of those very much European metal subgenres, mainly through it's influences through norse mythology, European folklore and European classical music. Which is great and all, but I have often thought to myself: Wouldn't it be great to get more Power Metal with thematical and instrumental influences from other cultures? I know that some bands occassionally like to dabble in the area of Arabian Nights, but I feel there is so much potential here for bands to actually specialise in this stuff. So, does anybody know any Power Metal bands - or even Folk Metal bands, come to think of it - that are a bit more "exotic" that way? PS: Like the idiot I am, I complete mixed up folk and power at first (in my defense, a lot of bands I like do both at the same time, so it's hard to tell where which starts and where which ends). What I meant was folk metal, not power metal. Though of course I do prefer the mix of the two subgenres.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome @deathstorm I already listed my favourite bands, but my favourite genres are German power metal and classic heavy metal. Also some thrash, folk, NWOBHW and prog metal. Mainly I am into the epic stuff, if it has long guitar solos, double bass, a charismatic singer and lyrics straight out of a fantasy novel there is a good chance I'll like it. If I can sing along, even better. I'd probably be into a lot more folk metal, if I could actually understand the lyrics. Though don't be mistaken, I am not a fan of the italian style of power metal, that stuff's even too corny for me
  9. Hello everybody. Name's Buttercheese and I am German Metalhead from the Rhineland in Germany. No, that is not "Butter Cheese". It has nothing to do with butter. It's a German type of cheese. A surefire way to make me dislike you is to make jokes about my username. There is no cool or fun story behind that name. I just chose it one day and it stuck. Man, I am sure coming of a pure ray of sunshine right from the get go, aren't I? Some of my currently favourite acts include (but are not limted to) Orden Ogan, Blind Guardian, Dio, Helloween, Galaktikon, Alestorm, Dethklok, Metallica, Ensiferum, Iron Maiden, etc. When it comes to concerts I am down for most anything metal, so long as I have somebody to go with. I definetly prefer small, intimate concerts over large stadium or festival concerts. Not the biggest fan of large crowds. I've been to quite a lot of concerts in my life, mainly smaller local bands. Been only to two large festivals, namely Rock am Ring 2011 (which I absolutely hated and some asshole spiked my drink) and to Wacken 2013 (which was fine in theory, but again, I don't like large crowds). I have been listening to a bit of metal for as long as I could think, but as many people I didn't really develope a "taste" in music until my teenage years, where I found my true love for hard rock. My teenage years where mainly filled with German punkrock and whatever metal I could get my hands on to. Which wasn't a whole lot, thanks to not having a lot of money to spend on CDs (I mainly spend my money on comics at the time) and not having friends with the ... uhm ... best tastes in music. So I mainly got my fix from whatever was on MTV and the radio at the time, which wasn't a whole lot. So I mainly listened to In Extremo, System of a Down, Coheed and Cambria and Nirvana. Up until I finished school at age 16 I was really more of a punk rather than a metalhead, to be honest. Things changed tough when I found new friends after finishing school and was finally allowed to go out late, meaning I could finally meet some other metalheads. And the rest is history Generally speaking I am not the type of person who obsesses over bands. I usually don't care what bandmembers names are or what their history is, for the most part I really do only care for the music. Well, for as long as the band in question doesn't feature any Neo-Nazis in their ranks. Because boy, do I hate bigots. My other interests include drawing, comics, animation, video games, pen and paper roleplaying, movies, etc. About two years ago I had to move town and lost contact with most of the people who I'd exchange music tastes with and since then the only metalhead friends I managed to make are all almost exclusively into black metal. That's why decided to join these forums, in hope to discover some music to listen to, because man, am I bad at finding music I like. And, well, maybe I find some other stuff to do here as well.