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  1. I wish 1500 more people a week felt like this. Because that's the last stat I heard, we're growing by that much every week!
  2. I live in Phoenix. There's nothing cool here, and all of you need to stop moving here. The freeways are beginning to clog like Los Angeles. It's 400 degrees in the shade in November and you need to stay in Wisconsin. Stop. Moving. Here. Seriously, I mean it.
  3. Very well put. I don't mind a band having a backing track like a keyboard, synth or something. But I want to hear the band play live because it's important to me that the music is being created RIGHT NOW. That's why we see live music. The music, the energy, the band, the crowd, it all feeds together into something bigger than the notes and the amps and the screams. It's important that it's live, and the worst that I've seen is when the entire band is live, but the singer is dubbed. I've seen this with some otherwise good bands (Within Temptation), and I just don't understand. Make the music on the stage, I didn't pay to see a band pantomime. At the same time, I recently played a show with a band that had all of their guitar gear in a big rack (2 AFXs, in-ear monitors, and a Surface tablet). The band was a traditional 5 piece, except there were 4 guys. So they were missing a bass player. One of their guitarists laid down the bass on their album, and the band played along to a recording of the bass all night, with a click going to the drummer's earpiece. This is probably borderline for my tastes, I'd do it in a pinch, but ultimately I'm going to want a bassist up there live with me when I'm playing.
  4. New guy here, I think djent was actually a progression of 90s prog rock, some of the more aggressive bands of the 2000s, and a bit of ADD thrown in. I love the talent that goes into some of these bands, but honestly the constant changes, vocals that just don't seem to fit, and all the guitars with a massive mid spike at 1.6kHz is really just not my thing, though I absolutely respect their abilities and musical talent! Especially Tosin Abasi.
  5. Not into Christian rock, but this band is very good, and their singer is also a phenomenal guitarist and producer. I go to his YT page all the time for his guitar videos (which I kinda dig more than the band!):
  6. New member, longtime musician and lover of all things music, especially metal, progressive metal, and 70s rock. My name is Vince and my favorite bands are In Flames, Soilwork, and Dreamshade currently. For the classics: 90s: Megadeth, Dream Theater, Pantera. 80s: Metallica, Testament, Savatage. 70s: Deep Purple, Queen, Rush. I've been playing guitar since about '92 and am still in my 30s for just a little while longer. Anyway I'm here to just say hi, have some fun and check out some new music. I'm a big fan of super heavy music that has melodic vocals. I'm a guitarist, I play mainly 7 string guitars and I am an avid fan of Mesa/Boogie amplifiers ( I currently own 3 of these bad boys and absolutely love them!). Anyway, hi everyone!