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    old school guy here. Iron Maiden/Judas Priest was my first live metal show when Maiden was on the Number of the Beast tour. Got to see Ozzy with Randy and Metallica with Cliff. I am a band director as my 9-5, and have played bass or drums in various punk, thrash, speed, and prog metal bands all my life. I am into all kinds of music except country, rap/hip-hop, and mainstream pop. In fact, I pretty much hate anything mainstream.
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    Hockey; BMX/Mountain biking; Dungeons and Dragons; Sports card collecting

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  1. I think it is easier for me to say that I DON'T like super- overproduced, multi-layered and textured BM. Sometimes it is just too much sonically for me. My fav BM bands are: BAthory, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Black Witchery, Emporer, Immortal, Kampfar, Goatwhore, 1349, Burzum, Hypocrisy, Impaled Nazerene , Behemoth...
  2. I like DF's first 3 albums...after that it seemed to start "meandering" a bit I was definitely "disappointed" with Dimmu Borgir as I only really "sampled" them when Spiritual Black Dimensions had come out. It was not very interesting, and a ton of people had gushed about them. I did really like For Al Tid, but that was it I will probably be in the distinct minority of saying that I really can not take Mayhem for very long. I only have De Mysteriis... because I could not even listen to that for longer than 10 minutes... I also could never get into Satyricon's stuff either
  3. Festive Yule to my pagan friends!!! Merry Christmas to all the Christians. Happy (late) Hanukkah to all the Jewish 'Bangers!!!; Festive Kwanza to our African moshers. This is the time of year when we all look deep within our spiritual being and celebrate the birth of it's inception. For those of us in the North, a time to seek warmth and shelter, and to hibernate a bit...to step away from the bustle of life and take time to appreciate, and possibly retouch with core-family and friends...or others who make us feel safe, loved and happy Hope everyone finds rebirth or new foundations of safety, love, warmth and security in this freaking chaotic world. Live in the light of Balder, the Wisdom of Odin, and the Levity of Loki this season!
  4. nice to see lots of Fates Warning!!! And I am definitely liking the Revel Chorus!!! Will be adding to my library. At the annual reunion with the guys in my first band ever (from back in high school) this weekend: Queensryche - Rage For Order Helloween - Keeper of the 7 Keys Ratt - first EP Accept - Metal Heart Fates Warning - Specter Within - much of the stuff that directly influenced us!!!
  5. I think it is Black Veil Brides....I definitely know who MCR are...and they are definitely a cringe-worthy band in my eyes. I do think it is Black Veil Brides tho... ...the air up here on the soapbox gets a bit thin...that and the Alzheimers
  6. I had not heard of them until about 10 years ago when students of mine would reference them durign first rush of the Hot Topic emo type metal came around. And you are right, their name definitely sounds like one of those type of bands. I honestly use them as a reference only because of that....I honestly do not know any of the names of any of the Hot Topic "metal" bands because I never pay them any attention. I should probably quit using MDB them as a reference though. Just goes to show that I am an "out of touch "dad!! Well, not a dad, just an old guy
  7. It is sort of weird to think that for all of the young'ns, bands like MDB, and A&X, Pierce the Veil etc...are like how Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Slayer etc were for us. They are going to have the same memories of their youth, driven by these bands, tha twe did in ours. Everything comes full circle. That's why I laugh when they make fun of my music....it will happen to them one day. I do however, agree that a lot of the newer stuff really is sort of "empty" musically. A lot of it is visually driven...sort of like glam metal I guess. It just deosn't seem to have the integrity that older music had
  8. RE: the Melbourne attack - 1. hope that all are ok, and that you guys come out of this strong 2. fuck violence and internet inspired stupidity like this 3. I love it how in Australia, the law enforcement are still allowed to make the criminals feel a bit "uncomfortable" about what they did. Saw video of the cops "forcibly containing" the perp 2 nights ago. Here in America, they would have had to get the guy a recliner, Starbucks latte and a free college education....
  9. while driving around being a capitalist slave (Christmas shopping: Devin Townshend Project - Transcendence Primus - Sailing the Seas of Cheese workout music this week has been Fates Warning - Darkness in a Different Light
  10. damn Natassja...good string of listening choices!!!
  11. weekend listening was : (to and back from a gig) Possessed - 7 Churches Belphegor - Necrodaemon Terrorsathan
  12. I totally hear ya!!! Most of the time, my mind still feels like it is 17...my body often reminds me that I am 48 physically, but for the most part, I still act and feel 17-22.
  13. I can take Brunoe Mars in very small doses....like 10 seconds. He has some people writing some decent music for him...but again, it is pop schlock, and I can't stand the whole image
  14. for me it was a few things: 1. listening to my dads jazz albums as a kid...specifically Eugene Wright of the Dave Brubeck Quartet...the way the bass line consistently moved around the beat was soooo cool 2. watching my uncle play upright in a jazz band 3. Geddy Lee and Steve Harris
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