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    old school guy here. Iron Maiden/Judas Priest was my first live metal show when Maiden was on the Number of the Beast tour. Got to see Ozzy with Randy and Metallica with Cliff. I am a band director as my 9-5, and have played bass or drums in various punk, thrash, speed, and prog metal bands all my life. I am into all kinds of music except country, rap/hip-hop, and mainstream pop. In fact, I pretty much hate anything mainstream.
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    Hockey; BMX/Mountain biking; Dungeons and Dragons; Sports card collecting

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  1. The Master...H. R. Giger

    I found out about Giger b/c of the To Mega Therion artwork for Celtic Frost....didn't realize he had inspired or worked on the sets and art themes for the Alien movie as well
  2. lamb of god

    I also agree that they are closer to regular metal than death...definitely have the Southern Fried groove thing going on as well...a-la Pantera and post 90's COC I think they get the death reference b/c of the vocals sometimes being sort of "Cookie Monsterish", or at least growly, but they don't have the "density" of what I would call a death metal band. I sometimes lum them in a genre that I made up for myself called "Organic-metal"...metal with a weird sort of down to earth sound...like COC,
  3. Pantera!

    man, I remember being at work in fall of 91 and one of the guys put a tape in the boom box and just said "check this out"...the first strains of Cowboys From Hell came on, and we all instantly started moshing...in the kitchen...at the restaurant we worked in. It was definitely life changing. Saw them later that spring in a the same club where Dime would be killed years later (isn't that wierd?). My bands had always played thee, so we knew security. they let us in during load in and sound check and we got to meet them all. They were still touring in an old grey van with a trailer. We helped them load in. After sound check, Phil, Dime and some of the crew headed to Ohio States campus to find pot. Rex, Vinnie, my two freinds and some of the other crew walked to a Denny's to get food. We f-ing ate dinner with the rhythm section of Pantera!!! Vinnie put down 2 Grand Slam's!! The show that night was awesome...there were only 75-100 people there, so the group was having lots of fun. Taking requests....at the end, Phil got on drums and Vinnie came out and sang, and they did about an hour of half-assing numerous cover songs...at the end, we helped them load out and they were on their way to the next hotel... 2 months later the Cemetery Gates video hit MTV, and the rest is history. Fast forward 12 years later...Damage Plan is playing the same club, and my band is supposed to open up for them that night. We had to turn down the show b/c our singer at the time could not get child-care. The rest of us still went to the show, and then it happened....one of the most surreal and f-ed up nights of my life!!! I was not a huge fan od Damage Plan, but Pantera had definitely redefined my view on heavy groove.
  4. What makes a genre?

    I think it is harder for genres to appear now...and also it is (falsely) easier. I also think certain "new" genres are just repeats of old genres that the new bands are not aware of having been around. For me, a genre is like the large "Catch-all" category. then there are variations. And sometimes I think we go overboard with the variations...like "technical gore-grind black death metal core"....really? We don't need to get that detailed I think. Like to me, there is really no huge diffeence between Cephalic Carnage, Dillinger Escape Plan and Meshuggah. There are differences for sure, but not enough to have each warrant it's own genre description. Maybe it is me just not wanting to detail it that much... in my world, these are the main metal genres: 1st wave (Sabbath; Budgie; Deep Purple etc...); NWOBHM; prog-metal; power metal; death metal; black metal; thrash metal; hair metal; doom metal; stoner metal; crap metal (Nu-Metal or Rap metal); soccer mom metal (stuff like you see at Rock on the Range) I use mostly musical elements to differentiate them like tempo, harmonic style; phrase arrangement; vocal cadence, as well as sound texture, specific guitar/bass sounds; use of non guitar effects etc. I generally don't classify genre by lyrical content
  5. Pre-Internet Metal Memories

    I bought so many albums for the artwork first...Grim Reaper; Venom, Diary OF A Madman by Ozzy, tons of punk and hardcore 7"s...we also had a great metal radio station...WAZU, but it was only on for a year. By then, hair metal was starting to blow up, and the local big stations were either playing pop crap, or hair metal, or straight up rock. As metal in general got more popular, the radio stations around here played it less and less...which was fine with me...let me have my niche genre that made me feel like I knew something no one else did...
  6. Just had my Metal Breakthrough. What was Yours?

    pretty much. The camp wasn't as creepy, but we looked the part, being a bunch of Midwestern middle class white kids...no girls at that camp though, but it was rough. Lots of great times playing the metal on our "snuck in" headsets. Also sitting around the picnic tables nerding out playing D&D and having - what would have been considered cos-play now-a-days - battles in the woods with sticks for swords and trash can lids for shields....
  7. Who are your current top 5 bands?

    Yeah. I think King OF The Distant Forest is their best...as far as music and production etc. "Raven" is coo in that you can tell they were young and still "poor". I don't have the one you mentioned...by the time that was out I was checking out Borknagar, Kampfar and Amon Amarth, as well as other straight out black metal stuff...
  8. Albums you wish you could unhear.

    Awesome!! Probably the best use of those songs I could think of! Too bad this ws the follow up to what I think is a monumental album...Pyromania.
  9. Pre-Internet Metal Memories

    got into metal in the late 70's and early 80's....raiding friends older brothers music collections and mix tapes were the way we discovered new music. College radio stations, and some local stations were good also got into underground punk/hardcore, so there was 'zines.... but seeing live shows at all ages clubs, VFW's, church basements and punk houses were my biggest exposure...people would hand out flyers about other shows; record distro's would have 7" records and 'zines....so organic....it was true Social Media.... early MtV exposed me to some cool stuff as well. Headbangers Ball was awesome in it's first 3-4 years...before the clog of hairspray and grunge happened.... I LOVED those catalogs!! Got sooo many patches and pins form them...never even considered the scam possibilites...but I think back then, the notion to scam was not as prevalent
  10. whats your first metal album

    first metal album - well more specifically, cassette - was Iron Maiden Number of the Beast. Purchased on a trip that also included Signals by Rush; Speak Of The Devil by Ozzy and Worlds Apart by Saga probably the most underrated Ozzy album for sure. It was also the last one I ever payed attention to. Once Jake left, I was bored....to me, Ozzy is Blizzard to Ultimate....
  11. Instruments

    I started playing drums in first grade. 1976. Would play along to old Mowtown R&B albums that my dad had...Jackson 5, Gladys Knight and the Pips etc. At the same time, mom was listening to Sabbath, Styx, Kansas, so I would play along to that as well. Decided that I was goign to be a musician/drummer for life in 3rd grade when I got into Rush... picked up the bass in 7th grade, and added that o the list. Played my first live show summer between 8th and 9th grade at the State Fair with a rag-tag band of older neighborhood guys who needed a bass player. Cover stuff of 70's and 80's rock. did the whole band thing in high school...marching and concert band (drums), and jazz band (bass). Got into my first all original metal band in high school. We were influenced by Maiden, Priest, Queensryche, BOC, Accept, Dio, Fates Warning etc. We played everywhere. Won Battle of Bands etc. College came along and we split but remained friends. I got into the hardcore punk scene the in the early 90's. Spent many a great time playing house shows, basements, and dives all across the midwest. lived in a van, etc...got into a surf/punk/lo-fi/indy-pop band in the mid 90's who did some mid level touring and shows: got to play with David Byrne, Howard Jones, Fountains Of Wayne....have 4 albums on iTunes. That band is called Go Robot, Go! Along side of that, I got back into a metal band, who I have now been with since 2002. we also have 3 releases on itunes etc, and have opened for In This Moment when they were just touring in an old white van. also played with Skeletonwitch, Lair Of The Minotaur....that band is called Fools Crown Finished my Bachelors of Music Education in 2013 (on the 20 year college plan!) and have always been a band director/percussion instructor as my 9-5.
  12. Who are your current top 5 bands?

    Mythotin was one of the first "viking" metal bands I had ever heard. I had been into all of the original black metal bands, but this new genre of "viking metal" was really undefined back then, at least to me, , but I remember liking the sound of the music, and the norse mythological references. Back then, I did not really consider bands like Enslaved, and Bathory as "viking metal"....and Emporer, Immortal and those guys were all more black metal in my mind. Mythotin was the first that defined it for me...them and Thyrfing
  13. Just had my Metal Breakthrough. What was Yours?

    great stories to hear!!! My defining moment: 1983(?). Sitting in my friends house, who was the only kid in a 10 mile radius whose family could afford cable tv. We were flipping through using the big new channel box , and came across a video by the band Asia...Heat of The Moment. This caught our eye and ears, so we stayed on the channel. After this video, another one came on with the coolest drumbeat I had ever heard....then, that riff. These dudes with long hair, a killer looking metal-light rigged stage set; a guy with a blue sparkly bass...then the main riff; fast, chugging...the crazy drummer with super fast hands...and then the lead singer witht he full studded leather arm band..."The White Man Came, across the sea...." It was the Run to The Hills video, coming on in my firs t5 minutes of watching a verryy young MtV. My freind and I were hooked. Metal it was for me. My gateway bands were Styx and Kansas, and my ultimate most favorite band: Rush. I already had decent mane of 70's era "hesher-hair" going, but this was it. I was in. Later that week, we raided my other friends older brothers album/cassette collection: Ozzy, Sabbath; Deep Purple, BOC, Van Halen, Judas Priest; Motorhead; Budgie.... moment 2: later on that fall, I was at home listening to the radio when another song moved me forever....the opening strains of rushing wind, chirping birds...and then a haunting e minor to C picked chord progression and a mournful whistle...my ears perked up..then, the most AWESOME voice I had ever heard: "All alone, we walked this morning, A Light mist in the air..." I was transfixed as the "New Iron Maiden" as the DJ called them played The Lady Wore Black...Queensryche. Next level achieved. My freinds and I went out that weekend and bought the ep. I spent all my time in class learnign how to draw the font on the cover, and learning the drum and bass parts moment 3: the next summer...summer of 84, I was at Boy Scout summer camp. I had smuggled in my electronic pride and joy into camp - my sony Walkman cassette player - and was hanging with some friends from my troop, when some kids from another troop saw our Maiden and Ozzy shirts, and came up and said "you guys like metal? Listen to this"...he flipped me a tape and I put it in. This cool sounding acoustic guitar riff came on. I thought it might be a new Ozzy song....then cymbal roll/swell/crescendo into....the fastest, most evil, brutal sounding thing I had ever heard...ever. The double bass melted my brain... I think I remember just giggling uncontrollably, and thrashing around the picnic table....Fight Fire With Fire by Metallica had upped the ante...the world of underground thrash, speed, hardcore punk etc had opened up, and I was head first down the slide!!! There have been millions of other "indoctrinations", and metal has been the central core of my being since I can remember.
  14. Albums you wish you could unhear.

    any Cirith Ungol Hysteria - Def Leppard any and all Nu-Metal I have ever been exposed to Soulfly Rob Zombie - Sinister Urge
  15. Who are your current top 5 bands?

    Recently been into: Lost Society - Finnish old school thrash Devin Townsend - Epicloud Budgie Mythotin - Sign of the Ravens and King of the Distant Forest Fates Warning - Theories of Flight