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    Just an ordinary person.
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    Thanks a lot
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    Hi, thanks Welcome too
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    From Brazil
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    Hello and thanks Traditional Brazilian folk music. Yes, it is. You should listen to Arandu Arakuaa, they sing in Tupi, one of the originals Brazilian languages. There is a band from my city that is really good too, its called Cangaço, they mix metal with forró, traditional northeast music. Hope you like Thanks a lot Its almost impossible not to love, hum? <3
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    Thanks a lot!
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    Thanks I hope too!
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    Thanks I love the old version as I love the new one, Weather Systems is such a beautiful album. A dying wish of The Silent Enigma, is perfect. Yes, I am talking about folk metal. I like to know different types of folk, I really like the Irish one and the one from Scadinavia too, in Brazil there are some amazing bands of folk. So, what have you listened to lately?
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    Thanks a lot, guys! These days I have been listening a lot of Anathema, specially, Judgement. A little bit of Delain and Diabulus in Musica too. And I am trying to know more folk bands.
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    Hardest songs to sing (female vocalists edition)

    Emphasis of After forever is too difficult, every time I try to sing I get a little bit choked up.
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    Thanks a lot
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    Well, I am from Brazil, from a very hot city called Recife. I have listened to metal for 15 years. I like of a lot of bands and different types of metal, I can't choose only some of them to put here. I love going to concerts too.