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  1. Somguyoveryonder

    Black Metal tone

    Depends on the the black metal... There's some crushingly heavy shit juxtaposed with dreary, frail, hollow, shrill stuff within the same piece. Using a setting that will somehow allow both is great. As said micing cabs really adds to the atmosphere and rawness. DI'd black metal sounds kinda lame, just the though of it. I'm sure there great black metal done that way for whatever reason. I would however think if such projects were recorded from live cabs, they would be better. That's just me and my opinion though.. not something to be taken too seriously though haha
  2. Somguyoveryonder

    Raw improvised instrumental

    Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse
  3. Somguyoveryonder

    Male chauvinism in Metal

    Seems to me that alot of guys just assume they are sposed to like metal, gals on the other hand seem to like it because they "aren't supposed to". Both genders exhibit "wanna be's", normally given away by their "main stream" or "big act" t shirts and their overwhelming urge to "fit in" to what they assume to be a stereotypical group (metal heads). When the truth is metal crosses all spectrums of types of people apart from genders. Social class, goegraphical location, age, appearance, occupation and so forth mean nothing. There is metal everywhere of all kinds for everyone to enjoy, and that is the true beauty of metal. With that being said, women being more emotional by nature are likely more moved or gripped by a given piece of metal. They will listen to it alone, nobody would suspect alot of them to be "metal heads", and they listen for themselves. Not to say there isn't lil sluts running around in bathory or darkthrone shirts who never dwelled past the mainstream act of the top listed acts in their "preferred" sub genre or metal Males on the other hand, more egotistical, and boisterous by nature. Seem to hear it from a friend, buy the shirt, hang out with other "metalheads" and go on liking it cause it revs them up and it's what buddy likes, and it makes you "tuff" compared to the white kids liking rap and top 40 crap. Alot I feel dont "feel" music as others may, they are just self branding them sorry selves. Women being more "emotionally aware" I feel gives them an upper hand to understanding any music not just metal, better than us lowly simple males... While this sector of music is male dominated, as I mentioned earlier metal is about breaking stereotypes, the norm, and unadherence to social pressures, gender or any other way of classifying a human means nothing. All kinds of people all over love all kinds of metal, and it's a beautiful thing.
  4. Somguyoveryonder

    The Promotions Forum and the Kvlt of Fame

    I'll admit I signed up for the same and understand the concern, I feel guilty of "trolling" on one hand and on the other I say fuck it and throw my terrible piece of music were I please. I enjoy just throwing it around for the sake of being a dink/asshole/prick, not for hopes of fame or recognition. There's TONS of awful music out there (to me, art is subjective...) So I guess I feel somewhat entitled to put awful music out there myself, whether people like it or not. I don't think of myself as promoting myself, more or less littering the web with something that should have never been made and leaving my mark behind. Good post, people don't seem to think out loud about this sorta thing.
  5. Somguyoveryonder

    Hello from the great white north

    Hi, all. Basically I joined this place in hopes of finding some new tunes (have trouble finding music I like) and to throw around a bit of my own music. I love metal, there's just so much generic crap out there it's kinda disheartening. I started with thrash (slayer/megadeth), moved onto death metal (cannibal corpse/suffocation/dying fetus) and dwelled some in doom/sludge (wet cactus, bonripper, the bad light) aswel as some dabbling in black metal (leviathan, shining, whatever I can find). Somewhere in the mix the whole tech death thing came up and ended just as soon. The band viraemia with their self titled EP is probly one of the most influential things I head after braindrills apocalyptic feasting. I am also a guitarist/bassist. While I do have an album written (instrumental death? Metal) I am still in the works of getting it recoded. My buddy and I made this improvised thing, it's bad lol, but we thought it turned out better than it should have. So we gave it a bad name and threw it up on YouTube. Last week we recorded the accompanying "b side", don't know when we are gonna throw it up there. Any way here's pt I, pope slayers "popeslayer". Pt II is named "the soiled throne", a bit more aggressive than pt I but definitely still "popeslayer". I am aware it sounds trashy and uncoordinated, but I think of it like an abstract painting.... Guitar and drums were recorded together in one take and I immediately recorded a bass track on top, also in a single take. Nothing rehearsed or written, just us "jamming". I know it's bad lol, good fun though, nice change from rehearsing/recording the same stuff over and over.
  6. Somguyoveryonder

    Raw improvised instrumental

    Made this, people either like it or hate it. Kinda lowfi, as to be expected. All done in one take, no mastering or effects, just raw.
  7. Somguyoveryonder

    Hello from the great white north

    Greetings from somewhere in Alberta!