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  1. Hey all! Just bumping my EP out and about the traps! Can suss on spotify at Pretty proud of these bunch a songs, so have a listen and enjoy! Peace, ReblMunk
  2. Hey all! Like the title says, just wondering who'd be interested in getting a free CD? Recorded and released my own EP, Between The Lies - Compulsive Depressive, and rather than send it to radio stations and wait forever to be rejected because I'm unsigned, I figure I'll send it to metalheads direct! I'm not sure how to prove my legitimacy or any of that? (If you guys have suggestions, or I can be verified by a moderator??) But you can check out my bandcamp and facebook etc here. www.betweenthelies.bandcamp.com and www.facebook.com/betweentheliesAUS Have a listen and see if you wanna grab a copy! As far as music goes I suppose you'd say there's elements of thrash/death/groove, but I like to think of them as good songs that happen to be heavy. If you like what you hear, or wanna wait and receive a CD, lemme know by a PM. I hail from Australia, and more than happy to send around the world! Happy to receive CD's of your band/or what ever you think is dope, too! Cheers, ReblMunk
  3. Heyo all! Just posting here on the forums to let you guys know about my band Between The Lies! https://betweenthelies.bandcamp.com/releases Have a geez on the bandcamp page, or can stream through most services! Either way, give it a listen, give it some love \,,/ One man band, started as a side-project from another band, turned into my full time muse. Recorded in the bedroom, was getting evicted, had to finish before we got kicked out or lost power! It's dirty, but got groove, got thrashy and deathy parts, should give ya some music to get super ape to! The whole thing started from me being sick of metal and its perfectionist attitude. The band I was in, and how I played, just wasn't fun anymore! This shit's about killer songs! Cheers and hope ya enjoy the listen! ReblMunk
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