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    Hi! My name is Kasia. I'm amateur poet and writer. In my spare time I like writing short stories and dreaming. I define myself as eternal dreamer. I always walk with my head in the clouds haha. I don't have many friends. I found peace in solitude and silence. Sometimes I have impression that stars in the sky speak to me in a more understandable language than people. I'm interested in art, history of art, philosophy, poetry, literature, theater, old cinema, psychology, paranormal phenomena, nature, mythologies and lucid dreams. I'm crazy about cabaret and theater. One day I'd like to play main role in the theatrical play. I'm addicted to music. Music is as irreplaceable as other forms of art in my life. To be honest I can't imagine the day without reading poem or few pages of book or listening few songs. I like a lot of musicians and bands. I can't imagine my life without music and art. I love metal, rock, cabaret, classical, jazz, experimental, ambient, avantgarde and neofolk music. In the future I'd like to be a psychologist. My personality type is INFP. I think that's all about me. Feel free to message me if you want :)
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    Art, history of art, philosophy, poetry, literature, music, old cinema, cabaret, theatre, psychology

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  1. Earendel

    Morten Veland (Tristania/Sirenia)

    I decided to put a few links to recordings of Tristania's concerts from Vibeke here. There are not many recordings with good quality. Beautiful concert video Widow's Tour has definitely the best quality. There are only two songs on this recording from Hamburg, but the quality is also good On this recording from Mexico unfortunately the quality of sound and video is really low but there are songs from Beyond The Veil. Not only from Widow's Weeds. I almost forgot about these concerts! There is only sound on the following recordings. There is no video. Somehow the sound is a bit better than on the recording from a concert from Mexico.
  2. Earendel

    Which BM in your country makes you proud?

    Polish black metal makes me proud of my country
  3. Earendel

    Morten Veland (Tristania/Sirenia)

    Mortemia is Morten's solo project
  4. Earendel

    Arch Enemy

    I like albums recorded with Johan and Angela. Albums with Alissa in my opinion are terribly weak. Before Angela became Arch Enemy vocalist she was member of bands Asmodina and Mistress.
  5. Earendel

    Black metal bands with female vocalists

    What do you think about Dismal Euphony (this band has a lot of gothic metal influences, so in my opinion it doesn't sound very extreme) and Siebenburgen with clean female vocals? Both bands played melodic black metal. In Dismal Euphony first female vocalist was Linn Achre Tveit (1994 - 1998) In 1998 Anja Natasha became new Dismal Euphony vocalist. DE released only four studio albums. There were four female vocalist in Siebenburgen. Lovisa Hallsted (1994 - 1999, we can hear her on albums Loreia and Grimjaur), Kicki Hoijertz (1999 - 2001, we can hear her on album Delictum and Plagued Be Thy Angel), Erika Roos (2002 - 2006, we can hear her on album Darker Designs & Images) and Lisa Bohwalli-Simonsson (2008 - 2009 we can hear her on album Revelation VI)
  6. Earendel

    What Are You Listening To?

    At the moment I'm listening to Bergtatt. I listen to this album every autumn evening.
  7. Earendel

    Atmospheric Doom Metal

    20th October Hallatar's debut No Stars Upon The Bridge was released. Hallatar was founded by Juha Raivio as tribute to Aleah (Juha was in a relationship with Aleah until her death) On this album we can hear Aleah's voice in the song Dreams Burn Down. Also we can hear Heike Langhans (vocalist of Draconian and ISON, Aleah's friend) in the song My Mistake. Whenever I listen Trees of Eternity album Houf of the Nightingale I have tears in my eyes. Hallatar's debut in my opinion is as emotional and beautiful as Hour of The Nightingale. When I listened to No Stars Upon The Bridge for the first time I was really touched by all emotions, all words in this music. I'm sure Aleah would be touched and proud of this beautiful tribute.
  8. Since Heike Langhans joined to Draconian I totally fell in love with this band. Of course I love older stuff with Lisa on vocals but with Heike Draconian's music has something magical. I recommend to everyone listen to album Sovran
  9. Earendel

    Morten Veland (Tristania/Sirenia)

    I agree with you! Sirenia should invest in a keyboard player for live shows. They sound live would be definitely more authentic. on Tbh I love both versions but original versiby Vibeke is the best. By the way I still miss Vibeke in Tristania and I hope she'll come back one day. Your top 10 is really nice! I love first and second place on your list. Widow's Weeds and Beyond The Veil are magical albums. Truly masterpieces. My top 8 (I can't choose 10) : 8 Sirenia - The Seventh Life Path 7 Sirenia - Dim Days of Dolor 6 Mortemia - Misere Mortem 5 Sirenia - Perils of the Deep Blue 4 Sirenia - An Elixir For Existance 3 Sirenia - At Sixes and Sevens 2 Tristania - Beyond The Veil 1 Tristania - Widow's Weeds
  10. Earendel

    Morten Veland (Tristania/Sirenia)

    I think Perils of The Deep Blue and The Seventh Life Path are the best albums recorded with Ailyn Especially Perils of The Deep Blue. This album is truly masterpiece. Compositions although they are long aren't bored (the longest is The Funeral March. It's over 12 minutes!) Lyrics are also really good. When I listen to Perils of The Deep Blue I get the impression that I sail with the sirens through the ocean of mysteries of life. I agree with you. Although I really like The Seventh Life Path, this album unfortunately has some disadvantages. I feel the same about compositions. They should be 4-5 minutes. On ,,Perils" there were long songs so for the balance songs on ,,The Seventh" as I said should be 4-5 minutes. Also some of lyrics (I mean Once My Light, Tragedienne, Insania and Contemptuous Quietus) aren't too good to not say weak. But the biggest advantage of both albums is Ailyn voice. She sound like true siren! Ailyn has lyrical soprano voice. She was learning classical singing. I have impression that on The 13th Floor and The Enigma of Life she could not properly use her beautiful voice. On Dim Days of Dolor I ran out of Emma's opera singing. (I'm opera freak so I think this is the cause) A little more operatic singing for me will be great on Dim Days of Dolor and next album I like the fact that DDoD refers to two firsts Sirenia albums. You're right lyrics on ,,Dim Days" are perfect. My favourite songs from Dim Days of Dolor are Cloud Nine, Veil of Winter, Playing With Fire and Treasure and Treason. I hope you understand what I wanted to say because I slept only 2 hours today and I cannot formulate correct statement Btw what do you think about Ailyn and Emmanuelle ,,My Lost Lenore" covers :D?
  11. Earendel

    Black metal bands with female vocalists

    Don't worry I'm sure you know more bands than me I still feel fairly new at bm scene.
  12. Earendel

    Top 10 Gothic Metal Albums

    Dim Days of Dolor is pretty good but I'm sad Morten didn't use all Emma's vocal skills. She is opera singer and can much more.
  13. On BM scene there are also good worth of attention female vocalists. Some of my fav bands. 1 Astarte - All female black metal band from Greece. In my opinion Tristessa is one of the best female growler. 2 Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Onielar and her growls and style are something amazing. Nothing more nothing less. 3 Gedanken Toten Lebens - Interesting one-woman atmospheric black metal project. Lyrics are about naure, death and philosophy. Who is your favourite black metal female vocalist? Do you like these bands? Or maybe you think black metal isn't for women? Let's start the discussion!
  14. Earendel


    What do you this about this album? Do you like this collaboration?
  15. Earendel

    Atmospheric Doom Metal

    I agree with you. This album and incredible voice Aleah are wonderful. Before she became a part of Trees of Eternity she released demo with her solo songs. You can find all her solo songs on youtube. I miss her so much. But our Whispering Ghost will be always alive in music and our hearts.