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    Male, tall, father, brother and son.
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    Thrash, movies, pinball, nfl, nba, bass guitar, vinyl.

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  1. DHR86

    French Metal

    I am a huge fan of Year of No Light. Nord is an amazing album !
  2. DHR86


    Can't say enough about this band. They are a supreme pizza of metal... thrash, a bit of black and once in awhile a tastefully fuzzed bass guitar. Great album art, fun to listen to and an all around soild sound. If you want a good listen on a friday night, try it. What do you think ?
  3. DHR86

    The Master...H. R. Giger

    Its just the music and HRs work makes me think of mesh tunes.
  4. DHR86

    The Master...H. R. Giger

    I always connect H.R. and Meshuggah album art.
  5. DHR86

    Power Trip

    Devastating, heavy, critical observation, amazing.
  6. DHR86

    What inspired you to take up the bass?

    Gene Simmons and his riff in Detroit Rock City.
  7. DHR86

    What bass model is this?

    Esp. Check out the esp ltd 154. It's an amazing bass with very similar build. It looks amazing. I love les Paul body looking basses. Oh ! The esp ltd 54 single pick up model is really cool! You might like a yamaha bb200. I think it's the 200. Check out the 80s models. Everything about it is cool. Sound, build, and it's fun to play.
  8. DHR86

    I'm Rob, good to meet you!

    Huge fan of Kill Em All ! What else are you into man ?
  9. DHR86

    Speed/Thrash Recomendation

    I didn't see Hexen or Dust Bolt.
  10. DHR86

    New Purchases/Acquisitions

    Scored the new Iron Monkey 9-13, 1st pressing, black vinyl :< Monolords new LP Rust, 1st pressing red vinyl. Ghost's self titled 1st pressing. Black vinyl, 180 gram blah blah blah.
  11. DHR86

    Best sodom songs?

    Absolutely love City of God !
  12. DHR86

    What is your favourite Anthrax release?

    spreading the disease.
  13. DHR86

    Speed/Thrash Recomendation

    Weresquatch: Frozen Void Anything by Tormentor.
  14. DHR86

    Hello everyone !

    Have checked out anything from Wizard Bloody Wizard? Very different but I'm not sure if I will buy. I thought Black Mass was a bit of sound change. This new LP has a huge difference in sound. Which is good.
  15. I like both a lot. Dust Bolt has been a band I can't stop listening to this week.