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  1. I have spent a lot of time with this LP. To Fathers Cabin...wow. The album holds up...well it stands strong.
  2. Amorphis- Tales From The Thousand Lakes
  3. Dissection- The Somberlain I hate the click bass drum sound. worst part of the LP (only worst part).
  4. A solo project from Texas. The intro blows my mind every time I listen to this one. Just give this track one min and 10 secs- if anyhting the opening riff is worth it.
  5. forgot to add that this a body for a bass. I don't mind the weight at all- Some guys say it only matters with a single cut, some say no. idk, im lost and ordered it anyway. got my hands on a set of Thundergun pickups, a thick bridge and a spilt coil neck brick. they are pretty big.
  6. Can anyone break this down for me ? I am about to order a body and the price difference on the two swamp ashes is rather vast.
  7. High On Fire, Earth and Sunn 0))) as well as his amazing group Thrones. Joe Preston needs more love.
  8. DHR86


    Its still hell on the eyes. One story I have not heard before- I forgot the guys name but he was around for scene and came up with the guys. He was putting together a band to tour south amer. a remaining member of mayhem was going to be on the tour- Necro found out, told the "band" that he was alright with it BUT if Necro caught wind of any merch being cold or anything remotely related to the band and Deathcrush, he would legally end them.
  9. A wonderful band from America's India, Florida. Say hello to 1987...
  10. With Varg, I think you have to be in tune with what is going on with him. He is a very interesting human. Ulver has a great track intro off the 95 release titled Bergtatt @7:55 mark Here All the early stuff coming out of and around Scandinavian, just blows my mind. I love the mixing of styles, and genres. The countless demo recordings that sound like some guys threw in some random metal lps in mixer and hoped for the best.
  11. DHR86


    Issues #093 Nov/Dec Wow! Necro aired out a bit more dirty laundry in this issue ! Mayhem hopes to hit the 70 mark for countries toured by the early part of 2020. Morten would like to release a record every three years vs the six year mark or so. Necro will be made into a diamond, after he has passes. The way he said it was kind of odd. Anyone else pick this issue up ? Why does the magazine always smell like terror attack mail ?
  12. Shouldn't have had that much sauerkraut before bed.
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