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  1. Any thrash bands I might not know about? PLEASE TELL ME

    Weresquatch: Frozen Void Anything by Tormentor.
  2. Hello everyone !

    Have checked out anything from Wizard Bloody Wizard? Very different but I'm not sure if I will buy. I thought Black Mass was a bit of sound change. This new LP has a huge difference in sound. Which is good.
  3. I like both a lot. Dust Bolt has been a band I can't stop listening to this week.
  4. Overkill

    I really like the song Thunder Head. Hoping to catch them with Crowbar soon.
  5. Hello everyone !

    Thank you and it's pretty cool here. Lots to read 0_0 Sure will. You guys have a lot of information here. Mind blowing at times.
  6. Hello everyone !

    Yes and no. I love witch cult today and dopethrone. Other then that, I don't spin a EW LP.
  7. Helloween anyone?

    Absolutely enjoy Helloween. I Want Out, blows me away ! I have one minor issue and it's with Helloween shirts. The band's official merch, online..not so hot.
  8. Hello everyone !

    What brought me here tonight is the power metal kick I have been on. . . Helloween, Blind Guardian, Demons & Wizards. I'm a bit of prog. I do not like most classic rock. I do enjoy Thin Lizzy, UFO, Kiss, ZZ Top and one of my favorites, the band Trouble. But I'm a huge stoner rock/metal fan. Dopethrone, Monolord, Monster Magnet, Bongripper Bongzilla...blah, blah, blah. You get it, FUZZ. Oh and sludge! I'm busting a gut for the new Iron Monkey. So hello !