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  1. Instrumental Black Metal?

    Kontakts AbbeyRoad Modern Drummer
  2. Instrumental Black Metal?

    No.. but i guess with real instruments and vocals it would be much better
  3. Marduk vs Dark Funeral

    Marduk for sure the music is just more interesting
  4. Instrumental Black Metal?

    With a relatively shitty sound this is whats ive been working on lately black\death and for now its instrumental https://soundcloud.com/user-423020793 yeah and the thing is its all made with plugins
  5. recommendations?

    From the list above Schizo was cool but the best is sun worship for me some nice albums i recently stumbled upon: Mgla - Exercisesin furility Marthyrium - Beyond the Thresholds Acherontas - Ma-IoN (Formulas of reptilian unification) Batushka - Litourgiya
  6. Overshadowed/Underrated

    I will spread some Taake seeds and im sure time will judge them fairly
  7. Overshadowed/Underrated

    Wouldnt say underated but yeah taake are very unique missed them more than once myself.. bummer..
  8. Overshadowed/Underrated

    Negator - Die Eisernen Verse so good especially first 2 songs
  9. Greetings from Jerusalem!

    https://soundcloud.com/user-423020793/satanic-vomit youll have to imagine satan vomiting at start
  10. Greetings from Jerusalem!

    Sure man.. i like vomit.. ill start my rotten food diet immediately.. see you in a week
  11. Greetings from Jerusalem!

    cool man thanks give me an idea for the next song ill make it this week
  12. Greetings from Jerusalem!

    hey man thanks but your link is broken..
  13. Best black metal solo!

    Mork gryning - Our urn the only song worth listening to from this album and i always grow another pair of nipples listening to the solo Shit now that i think about it templers might be better
  14. Greetings from Jerusalem!

    Sup pips me name ist bob black and death is my love Here my vocaless proj made on Fl studio using just plugins so its might sounds bit wierd https://soundcloud.com/user-423020793 tell me what you think..