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  1. In truth, it is, too; but let this talk glide. It is our blood to err, tho' Hell gap'd loud: Ladies know Lucifer fell, yet still are proud. My tongue is out of office.
  2. I think I basically agree with you about the news. I don’t think any news sources are reliable anyways; in fact, I would argue that they’re just about ratings and their political pitch to viewers is not much different occupying a particular portion of market and then applying basic marketing practices. Of course, there are obvious disinformation campaigns, too, and these can serve to rope in people to make them look bad. But does Fox News really care about Trump? They certainly hated him in the beginning. Does CNN really care about Biden? I doubt it. But both sides will do whatever they need to do for ratings and to carry out whatever the exectutive narrative is. I don’t even watch the news as it tends to resemble a form of psychological trauma abuse than anything akin to the pursuit of truth. But what I’m talking about a major-scale public forum (televised or whatever) open to philosophical debate where the leaders of particular beliefs can discuss in respectable fashion their controversial-or-not views – exactly what the news isn’t about. There have been small examples of this idea and some televised debates and so on, but hardly anything of note that has engaged the public consciousness. I would argue that because there isn’t an outlet like this, that is precisely why bad ideas continue to exist. Generally speaking, peoples’ opinions are often founded on very little information that they’ve often mindlessly parroted from others. However, there is a significant part of the population that do not dogmatically adhere to party lines, are open-minded enough to listen to arguments and then decide or change existing views with better information. I don’t see how this could be any more dangerous than the echo chamber effect of today, and the pervasive divide-and-conquer strategy of divisive politics. I personally don’t think the current Right are remotely fascist yet their beliefs are routinely called fascist for not being congruent with progressive thinking; this type of hyperbole is no different than me likening the Left’s totalitarian views to fascism, which is what I am mocking. I’m not literally suggesting they’re representing Mussolini or something any more than the Left is when they always talk about the perceived fascist threat of Trump or Putin or some unspecified phantom. Also, I’m sure you’d agree that saying Left and Right is simplifying things; anarchic vs totalitarian is another dimension added to the political spectrum. Fascism and communism actually have a lot in common and are really like two sides of the same coin – they aren’t polar opposites as some like to imagine, and both have had disastrous consequences each time they’ve been employed. I don’t think my posts are any more political than yours whatsoever, but perhaps you do not realize this. Besides, what may seem good-natured humanitarianism to you may just seem to others like good-intentions-bad-ideas that will result in worse consequences down the line especially when they’re drawn on party lines. But you’d have to see that sardonic humour is common to many of my posts, even those unpolitical. Any posts of mine that are political are typically a reaction to political posts or political sentiments within the metal community; a push back on an obvious hard-left pendulum swing that is the current trend in our day, because it really is a trend and it has begun to lose its momentum in the last couple of years or so anyways. Besides, I’d be doing the same thing if the Right was calling for the ban on everything.
  3. I know. Maybe we should have that conversation about pun control before someone gets hurt. But not you because you're already hurt. You said circa 2012, maybe they thought the world was going to end beginning with Australia.
  4. All this time I never knew. But it's Roadrunner so why am I not surprised.
  5. Vampyrique


    Oh, I didn't want to type 'O' and have it come out looking like a zero again. Plus, you're not exactly Tortuga so I just thought I'd make sure. She's the Madame Blavatsky of the metal forum, no doubt. We are discussing cults. Stay focused.
  6. No, not really. I prefer pretension but only 9 times out of 10. That way when I unearth a forgotten gem I can pretend it's still fresh, unlike an overused cliche. Modest mid-era Darkthrone get can occasionally steal a spot on my iPod, but only at the expense of other Darkthrone albums.
  7. Vampyrique


    I went looking for trouble - when I decided I was going to watch a Serbian film - and boy, I found her. Nothing Christian nor romantic about it. No italics this time.
  8. I really have no intention to defend any of metal’s absurd or degenerate themes, but I’m not personally offended by them because I knew what I was getting myself into. Metal music’s history is one that largely contrarian and anti-social and is built on such themes. I don't ever claim to endorse anyone else's views other than my own, hence why I can separate the art from the artist and don't really feel a need for politics in art. Regarding morals: people can justify committing minor offenses by contrasting them to major offenses, but nothing gets solved that way because the bar can always be lowered. The real root of the problem regarding immorality, I would argue, lies in the impetus to commit the offense in the first place no matter the severity. Sure, people can arbitrarily decide what is worse between racism, murder, rape, torture, pedophilia, sexism, genocide, etc, but it’s a moot point because they’re all bad and immoral anyways. This is why I’m not going to crusade against racist bands whilst defending bands whose lyrics promote worse themes like the aforementioned, or vice versa. Plus, there is a ‘normalizing’ effect on the individual or collective consciousness/unconsciousness that occurs with repeated exposure to such morbid themes, and things can then only devolve further, especially when done to satisfy the aim of shock value. This is no different in films, television, pornography, literature etc, and the effect is noticeable, especially generationally. I agree that shock value can open peoples' eyes, but I think its value is in immediacy and appealing to the lowest common denominator. I think it would be wonderful if all bands could write lyrics on par with Dani Filth but it’s all too rare. Actually, I’d probably prefer a band write passionately about their love of Nazi-era Germany because at least it would provoke a conversation or debate or research, than the type of throwaway, juvenile lyrics about mutilating women and sodomizing nuns ever could. Now, if people fear that a type of propaganda is infectious to the gullible masses, then more should be done to encourage critical thinking and debate amongst people. Bad ideas, bad logic, unphilosophical thought will get weeded out in debate in a way that quick censorship cannot promise. If anything, censorship only serves to aggravate and reinforce the opposing sides’ views and give whatever is being censored a kind of newfound power. Regarding ideas such as freedom of speech/expression and tolerance: I think people should have the freedom to express any ideas whether they’re good or bad but shouldn’t expect other people to be tolerant of them; hence my view on debates over censorship. My criticism of leftist politics is that they preach tolerance yet hypocritically act intolerant to anyone who doesn’t agree with them; they accuse their opposition of being fascists and perpetual threats to freedom of expression whilst becoming exactly the fascist threat they claim to be saving the world from. Political ideologies are becoming all too increasingly pathological and their neurotic tendrils have been spreading over absolutely everything. I cannot read a film or book review without being inundated with contemporary politics' revisionism and irrelevance to the artist, his intention, or to the content of the art itself at the time of its release. I'm not condemning metal music as a whole, I'm just being honest about its consequences, which are both good and bad.
  9. Unfortunately, Chuck Norris won via TKO. Last man standing.
  10. Vampyrique


    All marks of the beast, no doubt.
  11. Beware of the slippery stairs, you could easily fall... and break your neck!!!
  12. It sounds like you could have paid a visit to Terrorizer headquarters and unloaded a few magazines of your own, terrorizing the lot of them. Payback in full metal jacket.
  13. Hi. Yes, we have maps in the western world. Bulgaria seems a fine country. Amor e Morte was a great band from there. Zaratustra, Dark Inversion, and Korozy were not too bad either.
  14. Always judge an album by its cover. Each one a fatal portrait. A bad album cover usually means a lack of dedication to the arte magicale; a philistinic display of "aint it just about the riffs, bro?" attitude. There are albums I like with mediocre cover art, and I'd probably value them even more if the cover was better. The 2000s witnessed a never-ending procession of digital recrement; a painful taint-by-numbers found-everywhere-affair.
  15. It sounds like this is the bloody kiss I've been waiting for - without feeling violated by the tongue in cheek that I didn't ask for.