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  1. Being neither caffeinated nor coffinated will do that. But it's well after midnight for a clown anyways, and you know what they say...
  2. Well, almost. But you should know I prefer to communicate telepathically. Everything you see here is all aesthetic affair, window dressing on word salad.
  3. No, he's all about sign language for the hearing impaired.
  4. A hot blood Bath(ory) will renew the spirit.
  5. Yeah, who needs real words anyways. Strange sounds will do.
  6. I take it that they thought you to be nothing more than a buda-pest.
  7. This is exactly what I say to all foreigners that I meet.
  8. How dare they! Do they even Easter, or are they just lazy? Best you continue Vlad the Impaler's great work. Assail them, impale them, unveil them. Or better yet, string them on skewers, kebab 'em all!
  9. Darkness of Blood - Overture in Veloria (low quality youtube video) Wolves bay in an intro redolent of Mr. Crowley, followed by vampiric metal majesty, then a languorous dusky embrace, finished finally with a forceful phantasmagasm. Theatres des Vampires - Dracole Waide An epic homage to the one and only Dracula. others that come to mind: Burzum - Tomhet My Dying Bride - Black God Cradle of Filth - Lustmord and Wargasm Cradle of Filth - Tortured Soul Asylum
  10. Absolutely not. There's no room for humour in metal. Abbath frowns upon all.
  11. Now just imagine if she walked past his bedroom and heard what she already knew to be the furious sound of xenophobic ejaculation... Probably for the best that she doesn't find out.
  12. Vampyrique


    The hidden track is an uncut version of Down South, Up North. When they knock down Castle Requiem they'll find out exactly what kind of mastering went on from behind those walls, unheard for centuries...
  13. Optimization is key, herbs are definitely helpful in that regard. I'm sure my kidneys are fine. They get their daily exercise from heavy coffee consumption. Dandelion root tea has a bit of a coffee flavour actually, somewhat metallic though.
  14. Req, just how much blood is spent on abovesaid body guard? As you know, it isn't easy walking about at night; countless Renfields constantly accosting me, groveling at my feet; tabloid journalists with their flash photography; Van Hellsings 'round the corner leading stake-in-hand slayers... The predictability of mortal mundanity has left me feeling coffin-bound lately and a security detail seems the answer.