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  1. Vampyrique

    Metal books

    Are you sure about your unsurety? I second this fantastic book! Written by the darksome duo of Dani Filth and Gavin Baddeley. For a few hundred pages you'll venture into England's shadowy past, all things gothic, horror films, the occult, metal music, femme fatales etc. It's almost like an encyclopedia of those subjects and their place in our culture. Dani then correlates these themes to the Cradle cannon, so if you've liked anything lyrically or visually in Cradle of Filth, you'll find the paper trail here. Tons of outstanding photos, some poems...What more could one ask for?
  2. Vampyrique

    Rotting Christ Χ Ξ Σ \m/

    I recently listened to Khronos and enjoyed it, moreso than Sleep of the Angels. What are your thoughts on Khronos? I figured I should go chronological, so Genesis is next on my list.
  3. Vampyrique

    The Movie Thread

    Interview With the Vampire is indeed excellent, along with Coppola's version of Dracula. Don't forget about some of the worthy lesser known 90s vampire films like Embrace of the Vampire and Nadja.
  4. Vampyrique

    Rotting Christ Χ Ξ Σ \m/

    I'm albums behind on Rotting Christ. Rituals plays whilst I'm philosophizing the mind with the ghosts of ancient Greece. Pretty good so far.
  5. Vampyrique


    Touché, Shakespeare! but, alas, I fear (unlesseth I'm wrong) graven it clear deep falleth 'pon sleep, 'neath songs writ a-drear whence sounds benumb, attrist-eth my ears! thence eyes wept shut, dreams doth volunteer dark times medieval, from past they appear!
  6. A fascinating topic. Many factors contribute: the piratic plundering of the industry's future with regards to filesharing, the webbing of group-think ghettos, safety in homogeneity, no risk nor reward, everything easy with modern convenience, new apathetic artists indifferent to the cathartic art of suffering. It's best we hit rewind, methinks.
  7. Vampyrique

    New Purchases/Acquisitions

    I'll definitely give it another go, but that was my opinion on first listen when I heard it weeks ago. I did enjoy the instrumentals too.
  8. Vampyrique


    At volume loud enough to hear when Satyr calleth'd deep upon deep; for droppeth by droppeth drye did his well's ideas weep.
  9. Vampyrique

    New Purchases/Acquisitions

    I considered buying this album. Having never listened to them before, I found myself liking what I had heard, especially the first few songs but felt it fading further on.
  10. Vampyrique

    General Pics (Holidays, walks, outings etc.)

    Is this a real person or an oversized lawn gnome? Really, I can't tell.
  11. Vampyrique


    I'll try my luck again. I'm hopeful there's a slice of humble pie left but doubtful I am.
  12. Vampyrique

    What are you drinking?

    Just peeting a glass of eggnoggy moloko.
  13. Vampyrique

    Metal books

    Is that book any good? Did it come with a free bicycle horn, or a kazoo at least?
  14. Vampyrique


    Jimmy Norton sets the record straight: 'Black Sabbath greatest band; Led Zepplin, The Who, all overrated.'
  15. Vampyrique

    Top 10 Gothic Metal Albums

    Goth and/or gothic, a forever-hot topic! The moon shines down on thee.