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  1. Vampyrique

    Is Encyclopedia Metallum a credible source?

    It isn't perfect but what site is? Even bands themselves can't be taken at their word sometimes. It's only by some autistic miracle that something so comprehensive even exists.
  2. Vampyrique

    Pre-Internet Metal Memories

    Are you sure it was the music he liked? Providing alcohol for minors, rendezvous in vans... Count yourself lucky your boss wasn't Kevin Spacey! Oh, I'm only kidding. I'm sure it was fun.
  3. Vampyrique

    What is the name of Metallica's lead singer?

    Shucks, I was going to guess The Cowardly Lion.
  4. Vampyrique


    I couldn't have said it any better, and I listened to the new album in its entirety. Trust me, you're not missing anything. I really don't want to have to make a bad joke about Satyr's brain tumour. Frost, on the other hand, must be smoking something feral. Frost: "It's down to how the album sounds and feels, the vibe, the openness, the depth of it. There's something about the kind of power and conviction that emanates from that album. We feel and understand that this is one of those game-changing albums that will put such a strong mark on its genre and its time. It really marks a major change and something that cannot be ignored, something that is defining of a new feature and a new direction for this genre of music." Maybe he meant to say that it was one of those game over albums.
  5. Vampyrique

    The Internet is slowly killing Metal

    Does she ever sound like Linda Blair! I can only envision your exorcism going the way of this:
  6. Vampyrique

    Best black metal solo!

    I like Astennu's solos on Dimmu Borgir's 'Spiritual Black Dimensions' and The Covenant's 'Nexus Polaris.'
  7. Vampyrique

    5 Metal Albums You'd Take to a Desert Island

    Haha. If you haven't died or gotten off that island after nearly ten years, you probably deserve a fate of listening to the same five albums for eternity!
  8. Vampyrique


    I love the film! I've never read the book but I've always wanted to since I'm a big fan of the film. The novel of Nineteen Eighty-Four is outstanding and the film versions aren't bad either.
  9. Vampyrique


    I'm in the process of building a proper book collection and here is my recent tripleplusgood order of dystopian fiction: Nineteen-Eighty Four A Clockwork Orange Fahrenheit 451 Never read the book but as a huge fan of Lynch I can say that his version of Dune was a lot better than the Alan Smithee version at least
  10. Vampyrique

    5 Metal Albums You'd Take to a Desert Island

    Darkness of Blood - A Dream of Vampires in Astral Dementia Cradle of Filth - Cruelty and the Beast Cradle of Filth - The Principle of Evil Made Flesh Theatres des Vampires - Bloody Lunatic Asylum The blood is the life! I'm not sure which album would complete my list but I'll think about it and add it in later; most likely an album from Burzum, Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir or My Dying Bride.
  11. Vampyrique

    Rate The Metal Genres

    I don't listen to all of metal's sub-genres and haven't explored each one thoroughly so I would find it difficult to rank them. 1. Gothic metal, by my own definition, is without a doubt my favourite sub-genre of metal. It's dark, passionate, and full of atmosphere. Many of my favourite bands and releases fall within the gothic realm. 2. Black Metal would follow closely behind. There is no shortage of great releases so it's not surprising that it is the most prolific sub-genre within my collection. The variety found within black metal ensures that I will never get bored of it. 3. Death metal is a style I certainly enjoy but often a lack of variety or memorability within albums can render this genre a distant third. Although I really like old school death metal, my death metal favourites tend to be the type of bands who incorporate outside influences much like Akercocke has previously done to give it a unique 'flavour'. As for the rest: I don't listen to much traditional doom metal but I really enjoy death-doom in the form of The Peaceville Three and, generally, bands who play in a similar vein. Traditional heavy metal and power metal possess some appeal and potential to win me over but it's a genre that I need to delve deeper into than just the handful of bands that I listen to. Folk and Viking metal can be hit and miss with me; usually fine if it is infused with black metal. Depending on definitions I don't mind some nu metal and even enjoy a couple of bands despite not liking a lot of the outward fronting and genre idiosyncrasies. I don't mind glam/hair metal from what I've heard but I've never bothered to really check it out beyond a couple of bands like Twisted Sister; I would expect that I wouldn't like a lot of it. I think thrash metal is alright but it's never held much appeal to me. I enjoy some Slayer but there's something about thrash in general, like some styles of punk, that is off-putting to me; perhaps it is the drumming that maintains too consistent a tempo and the frantic nature of the music that exudes a sort of sonic hyperventilation that is not compatible with me.
  12. Vampyrique

    Cradle of Filth

    I like the song but initially I was disappointed with it and I believe this was due to expectation. You may recall that this was the crown jewel of Dani's during the recording of the Hammer of the Witches album but the band had downvoted it. I wonder by how much the song differs in its current form? The only part I don't care for is the lazy chorus: "...Irrefutable...achingly Beautiful." It seems it could have been improved upon.
  13. Vampyrique

    The Internet is slowly killing Metal

    A guest in your flat wouldn't suspect you were a music lover because no music lover would ever do such a thing as you have! Oh the horror!
  14. Vampyrique

    Filosofem Vs. Hvis Lyset Tar Oss

    I love those ambient tracks, always have! I would also side with Filosofem.
  15. Vampyrique

    Cradle of Filth

    Oh Requiem, you fell victim to my incredible sarcasm! I know that their justification is weak and meaningless. They might go to a few local shows, buy a few shirts and give themselves a pat on the back and carry out their righteous license to download, morals by the wayside!