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  1. In truth, it is, too; but let this talk glide. It is our blood to err, tho' Hell gap'd loud: Ladies know Lucifer fell, yet still are proud. My tongue is out of office.
  2. I think I basically agree with you about the news. I don’t think any news sources are reliable anyways; in fact, I would argue that they’re just about ratings and their political pitch to viewers is not much different occupying a particular portion of market and then applying basic marketing practices. Of course, there are obvious disinformation campaigns, too, and these can serve to rope in people to make them look bad. But does Fox News really care about Trump? They certainly hated him in the beginning. Does CNN really care about Biden? I doubt it. But both sides will do whatever they need t
  3. I know. Maybe we should have that conversation about pun control before someone gets hurt. But not you because you're already hurt. You said circa 2012, maybe they thought the world was going to end beginning with Australia.
  4. All this time I never knew. But it's Roadrunner so why am I not surprised.
  5. Oh, I didn't want to type 'O' and have it come out looking like a zero again. Plus, you're not exactly Tortuga so I just thought I'd make sure. She's the Madame Blavatsky of the metal forum, no doubt. We are discussing cults. Stay focused.
  6. No, not really. I prefer pretension but only 9 times out of 10. That way when I unearth a forgotten gem I can pretend it's still fresh, unlike an overused cliche. Modest mid-era Darkthrone get can occasionally steal a spot on my iPod, but only at the expense of other Darkthrone albums.
  7. I went looking for trouble - when I decided I was going to watch a Serbian film - and boy, I found her. Nothing Christian nor romantic about it. No italics this time.
  8. I really have no intention to defend any of metal’s absurd or degenerate themes, but I’m not personally offended by them because I knew what I was getting myself into. Metal music’s history is one that largely contrarian and anti-social and is built on such themes. I don't ever claim to endorse anyone else's views other than my own, hence why I can separate the art from the artist and don't really feel a need for politics in art. Regarding morals: people can justify committing minor offenses by contrasting them to major offenses, but nothing gets solved that way because the bar can alwa
  9. Unfortunately, Chuck Norris won via TKO. Last man standing.
  10. Vampyrique


    All marks of the beast, no doubt.
  11. Beware of the slippery stairs, you could easily fall... and break your neck!!!
  12. It sounds like you could have paid a visit to Terrorizer headquarters and unloaded a few magazines of your own, terrorizing the lot of them. Payback in full metal jacket.
  13. Hi. Yes, we have maps in the western world. Bulgaria seems a fine country. Amor e Morte was a great band from there. Zaratustra, Dark Inversion, and Korozy were not too bad either.
  14. Always judge an album by its cover. Each one a fatal portrait. A bad album cover usually means a lack of dedication to the arte magicale; a philistinic display of "aint it just about the riffs, bro?" attitude. There are albums I like with mediocre cover art, and I'd probably value them even more if the cover was better. The 2000s witnessed a never-ending procession of digital recrement; a painful taint-by-numbers found-everywhere-affair.
  15. It sounds like this is the bloody kiss I've been waiting for - without feeling violated by the tongue in cheek that I didn't ask for.
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