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  1. Thankfully, like most vampires, I'm rather aquaphobic and avoid water at all costs, be it holy or sea salty. I should be safe from Cthulhu's grasp.
  2. I think that's part of it, also timing in making a name for themselves during death metal's golden era and establishing a vital connection with fans. But, personally, I am drawn to theatrics and characters in bands who stand out. His vocals and presence is something easily recognizable on albums, and too often death metal bands have a boring image or do nothing to distinguish themselves from the grey morass of others. When I hear a song of theirs (regardless of quality) I instantly think Deicide, not just another band who sounds and probably looks like Suffocation or Immolation or some other...
  3. I think Deicide is a solid band but nothing stellar. Once Upon the Cross is probably my favourite of theirs. I even don't mind their maligned mid-era albums of the early 00s. Having a character like Glen Benton in the band helps to propel them further than the usual cast of nameless faces in jeans and t-shirts.
  4. It sounds like I would enjoy it then. I prefer it when they offer something that balances the chaotic and cold with that of feeling and atmosphere.
  5. Traditionally, it has seemed to me that people with a negative disposition are strongly correlated to 'outsider' genres like metal. However, because such a strong emotional connection to music such as metal is made, and because music generally gives listeners a sense of catharsis that is uniquely personalized, through that means people able to overcome whatever negative disposition they may have had. Also, it seems to me that negative outlooks on life are greatly diminished when met with an increased sense of community, and, these days, the metal community seems less divided. It seems, too, that people today are less willing to let one single thing like taste in music define themselves.
  6. How is the new Deathspell Omega album?
  7. For you, divine goddess, I'd imagine it's nothing more than the usual nightly flight turbulence that you experience when you astrally project around the cosmos. However, in your case, I'd wager that it's the karmic result of all of those Christopher Reeve jokes you made as a child come back to haunt you. Or maybe you're a martyr meant to suffer for all of Cthulhu's sins.
  8. Had Matter parTea'd with why?ne instead, you wouldn't be ravin' like a writing desk, all hare-brained in the head. But march on, I can tell that you've been painting, your prose is red.
  9. @RequiemThat level of punnery should be pun-ishable by law. A case of fourth degree worder. The allicin wonderland of words is the cure for what ails me. I’ve always got my heart up my sleeve (f)or a mean-ing doubly crossed in translation.
  10. Symawrath - Scaena I : Incestuous Overture in the Crystal Auditorium This album is truly a talisman to the transmundane. Feel the Wrath, Symphonic, Majestic! Cadaveria - The Shadows' Madame Beautiful witch! Beautiful witch! Give light to this black muddy sky! Opera IX - Sacro Culto Crucified on The Oak!
  11. To understand you'll need three things first: eyes to see(r), ears to hear, and antennae to telestai.
  12. Supremacy! Supremacy!! Supremacy!!! Supremacy!!!! Supremacy!!!!!
  13. Heart? Apparently a metal one, no less. Courage? Even if it be a cowardly kind. Brain? He's off to see the wizard it would seem.
  14. Emotions rule like angry Archons, performed by bad actors in a play of 140 characters or less. To offend or off/end oneself, for guns have no trigger warnings to stress. But, spiritually, they're already dead. 'Tis better to mime the magic of memes unsaid. Thus, let Gnosis lead the way for the Elect, and leave the rest in mourning, unwoke, instead.