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    In no particular order; Cattle Decapitation, At the Gates, Gojira, Death, Decapitated, The Haunted, Bolt Thrower, Dying Fetus, Horror Chamber etc etc etc....

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  1. Best new buys recently are Cruciamentum- Charnel Passages, Dying Fetus- Wrong One to Fuck With and Wolves in The Throne Room- Black Cascade. Check them out! Especially Cruciamentum really nice atmospheric quite creepy death ....Good shit
  2. Anyone recommend any bands along the lines of Wolves in the Throne Room and Drudkh, really enjoy the style and Pagan/natural themes...
  3. Aye fairly new to Bolt Thrower, holy shit what a band! Favourite track so far is Anti-Tank, a weapon of a song! Really enjoy TOL and IVth Crusade wasn't as keen on Warmaster (still a beast but prefer the other two), what album to listen to next....?
  4. Dawn of Madness - Horror Chamber, some amazing Brazilian Death that you should check out!!! The Darkness Haunts Me... Until the Dawn of Madness!!
  5. Love old and new Decapitated although must admit I am pretty anxious about the latest instalment coming tomorrow. I really enjoyed the direction of Blood Mantra but the 3 latest tracks of the newest album I have heard (Never, Earth Scar and One Eyed Nation) seem to be lacking some of their previous energy, One eyed nation I think is the best out of the 3... What do you think?
  6. DeathHead


    Zyklon are (were) brilliant! Especially enjoy the Aeon album!
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