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  1. Idromos247

    Blackened Death metal

    Check out the band Necronomicon. Also the polish Band Hate is a pretty good Behemoth-like blackened Death.
  2. Idromos247

    Who Are “The Big 4” of Thrash?

    Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Metallica are the American Big four. Kreator, Sodom, Tankard, and Destruction are the Teutonic Big four (I prefer all four of these bands).
  3. Idromos247

    Most anticipated albums of 2017

    Arch Enemy and Scar Symmetry were the portals that transported me into the world of extreme metal (I had been exposed to cannibal corpse before but at the time it sounded like noise). These simple/accessible bands can be a gateway into a new dimension for someone who may not be able to jump right on cattle decapitation. Sexy female singer can become a gimmick.. But I know I had been had been a fan of the agonist before Id ever seen a pic of Alissa. When I finally did was I supposed to hate on the band because the singer is attractive and Likes to show it off? No. Do I consider Enjoying some arch enemy one of my guilty pleasures? Yes. Am I sorry? No.
  4. Idromos247

    Most anticipated albums of 2017

    I agree 100% *cough "Ameranthe" cough*
  5. Idromos247

    Most anticipated albums of 2017

    It is. But I'm using the word "pop" to simply say its "basic", "accessible", "not-brutal", and "easy listening" when compared to the more Aggressive and underground bands within metal. =) Not every track I listen to has to be br0000tal. I'm looking forward to the new cannibal corpse albums "Red fades to black" coming on Nov 3!! IDC what anyone says about cannibal.. I love their latest efforts.
  6. Idromos247

    Most anticipated albums of 2017

    Good music is all a matter of perspective too a point. While I love Origin, Kreator, Napalm Death, Nile, Necronomicon, AND Anaal Nathrakh; sometimes I want to hear a band like The Unguided, Arch enemy, soilwork, Killswitch, or Caliban... I consider those bands my catchy fun pop metal that my wife can rock to as well... And its fun on shuffle. I agree about Septicflesh. It has that "Been there and done that" feeling.... But its still epic and I'm a sucker for symphonic Death metal and its better than fleshgod LOL
  7. Idromos247

    Most anticipated albums of 2017

    I personally enjoy Arch enemy ENTIRE discography. Sometimes all I want is a Melodic death metal Dragonforce. Not all my metal has to be trve! But anyway have any of you guys listened to the new Septicflesh???? I'm loving it!
  8. One thing to remember is that Change does not = Evolution. Evolution is "the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form". Some bands change to more simplistic and even 100% different styles and claim that its evolution when its simply an abrupt change in music style/direction (not always better), making new fans while alienating others. COUGH....COUGH...In Flames...COUGH And I'm not saying suicide silence was ever "Great" but their latest effort is an example of this problem.
  9. Idromos247

    When Did You First Get Into Metal?

    My first metal album was "Century Child" by Nightwish. I knew I was starting an amazing journey when I listened to the opening track "Bless the child".
  10. I'm all for evolution, but a band cannot expect me to just keep being a fan if they leap into territory that I am not truly interested in. I never would have started listening to Opeth if the sound they have today was their original sound.
  11. Idromos247

    Edginess and Swearing

    *cough* *chough* Chiildren of Bodom *cough* But I agree. Some bands use cussing so much that they sound like idiots.
  12. I recently Discovered Machinae Supremacy and fell in love with the Chip-Tone/reto-gaming vibe that is combined with the alt/power metal sound. Are there any other METAL bands that use the SID and have that chip-tone reminiscent of the commodore 64?
  13. Idromos247

    Male chauvinism in Metal

    I had asked myself If metal was chauvinistic But after looking around I realized that the average (not all) American females due to pop cultural are attracted to music with certain images, lyrical topics, and styles. Metal is generally opposite of all those things (unless we talking about Glam). Metal is underground and does not appeal to the average of either sex, but it also does not appeal to as many woman as men. So I think metal is not chauvinistic, and just overpopulated by men. And I'm speaking from the population of woman that I've met in my area in my life. There might be a town somewhere that has more woman that like metal. But most woman don't want to listen to music with such aggressive tones and gory lyrics.
  14. Idromos247

    Male chauvinism in Metal

    I asked myself this question once.... I looked and around and saw what types of music, lyric topics, and imagery attract the average female,,, and my question was answered.
  15. Idromos247

    Septicflesh vs Fleshgod Apocalypse

    King was a good album... But I agree I am never a able to sit through a whole fleshgod album in one sitting. But I've love septic marathons and am stoked for the new album coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!