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  • Location Somewhere in Dalarna, Sweden
  • Interests This usual "shyte": music, exercising, graphical art, herbal lore, rune lore, divination, blogging etc. and etc!

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  1. Favorites: metal, punk, goth, neo folk and some classical. We do not really have country music in Scandinavia and gospel, well that is practically unknown over here! But aside from that: I just hate hip-hop/rap and techno!!! The former is just so mind dumbing stupid and techno makes me feel physically ill...I do not know if it is the frequencies in the vibrations from the music...but they make me want to throw up...literally speaking!!!
  2. Thank you, Requiem...but I cannot see how anyone could let a memory like that fade....it will be with me as if it happened yesterday, until the day I die (and perhaps even longer still) ☺
  3. Sejd, prana, and ka is means life energy or life force in three different languages (Old Norse, Sanskrit, and Ancient Egyptian) but...same old, same old. But the potiential blog entry about enemies is a completelty different one - I do not have a specific music blog. So in this case those tweo things have nothing to do with eachother. Tex Bar did not close at the time I refered to (evrn though it is shut down now), but suddenly my life got complicated...and no, I was not sent to prison for an axe murder or something like that :D...it was on a deeper personal plane, a mental transformation that was tough as hell, but worth while...and enough said about that!
  4. Mercyful Fate - Black Funeral! I just love that old "shyte"
  5. Just written a blog about free vegetables, thinking about the next one...might be about dealing with ones enemies or the sejd (ka, prana) of music. Going to get my clean laundry from the washing cellar and ending the night with some Hammer House of Horror movie or read a few chapters in "The War of The Flowers". I remember when Saturday nights meant gig time, going down to Tex Bar in Copenhagen or hanging out with friends...these day Saturday nights are just dull!!!
  6. I would not turn down the volume if I heard this on some live stream radio...and I like the graphics...a lot!!!!!
  7. This I made for Samhain/Halloween a few years back. If you look closely you can see the faces of those you made metal, punk, and goth well worth listening to...but who are sadly no longer amongst the living! And before anyone yaps on about the flames or hell and other nonsense then...this picture is pagan and made in the pagan tradtion! Staring into flames has long been believed to be a portal into the astral plane including the death realm...and the dead return home at samhain thus the drinking hornes put out for them. So hell fire and horney devils poking people's naked asses...bullshit! *lol* This is a loving memorial! Some of you might be wondering where Lemmy is: Lemmy was well and alive when I made this and since I no longer have access to Photoshop, he has not been included yet.
  8. Sorry for the somewhat scruffy title, but despite me eating this dish almost everyday, there is no official name for it...basically because it is my own creation and I am absolutely suck at comming up with cool names/titles. But to this dish you will need: Butter or lard Minced or chopped meat One egg (or three if you skip the meat) One or two red onions 3-4 white mushrooms Some green leafy veggies of your choice Nori seaweed Spices Oats Heat the butter or lard on a pan (margarine is a kinder word for transfats!), and while it heats slice or chop the meat. Then start chopping the onion and put it together with the meat on the pan. Chop the mushrooms and turn the meat and onions, when the meat is more rare than raw, add the mushrooms and let them fry a bit. Now take the egg(s) and crack them adding both the yoke and whites to the mish mash on the pan and mixing it all together while frying the egg(s). Then take a three good hand full of oats and add them to the pan and give it all a good mix! Take the pan of the heater and add the leafy vegetables, spices and teared Nori seaweed...and you are done!!!! It takes around 15 minutes to make, but if you are a little shit like me...you will feel full well into everning time, if you eat this for breakfast! Tip: in the summer go to parks and in the forest and get your own free vegetables. Dandelion leaves taste like rucollo and cleanse your body, birch leaves have a fresh taste and are anti-inflamatory, and stinging nettle leaves are good for your hair and lungs...all contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and anti oxidants! Tip: come autumn or winter...skip the mushrooms or leafy vegetables a few times a week and go for unprocessed beetroot...it cleanses and strengthens your blood and bidy making it ready for the dreaded but unavoidable icey winter storms!
  9. My CD collection even though not all of it is metal, but 95% of it is. My leather jacket and a piece of artwork that I made...and of course the moemories of all the gigs I have been to...I do not drink alcohol, so I can remember every single one of them ;P
  10. In this case, sensing/feeling is believing! I work with tarot and rune lore myself, but I know that you cannot make people believe in something that they have never sensed, seen, or felt...unless you threatened them with the fires of hell or they are complete air heads. As long as people do not bother me because I work with divination...then all is well!
  11. I would have loved to have seen the artistical progress of Sid Vicious and Dave Lepard into the 2010's...unfortunately by that time none of them were alive. I wish Quorthon could have made more albums. When Lemmy died it destroyed my enitire day and I had a sniffle or two while watching his memorial service online. But what happened to Taiji Sawada (ex- bass player in X-japan, Loudness etc.) was just damn tragic!
  12. I am all for "it's your face, grow your beard down to your knees, if you want to", I do prefere some facial hair like the "musketeer" style, side burns or a single braided beard. But as for wild bushy beards or hipster beards...ehrm, no! However with that said, if I was a guy I would grow a beard...I would wear it in spikes, hang skull led lamps in the ends, and go around scaring the shyte out of everybody *lol*
  13. Yes well, thank you...that's very nice of you, GorboGorboze *looks at the bouquet wondering what the hell to do it with*
  14. Oh dear, that takes me back... My musical journey starts not only before the internet, but before even MTV and cable T.V *lol* I was almost 10 and had just gone back to school after the summer holidays. Then one day I passed some of the older boys in one of the corridors and I was a bit scared of them, because trust me 15-16 year old boys can look really huge in the eyes of a skinny little girl But at the same time I was fascinated by them...because there they were with their longish hair, leather jackets with band logos, tight jeans, and well some had acne too, but never mind...I thought they looked really cool. And apparently they were sneaking into the school's hi-fi system and before anybody knew it, AC/DC were blasting through every single loud speaker, in every class room...and I was sold! *lol* But being skinny, goofy, and not a very pretty girl...I never got into their gang which was very male dominated, but I used to listen to their music when ever I got the chance. And then due to the above personal characteristics I discovered punk instead: in the begining I lived out in the country side, but I had punk rock penpals who told me where I could get hold of tapes and such...then followed a roughly 10 year period of mostly punk, but I still listened to metal...and in connection with that I began listening to some goth. Then the 1990's came and ouch...that hurt!!!! Punk had grown pathetic with too many political correct vegans...and even worse grunge metal came along!!!! I swear....had it not been for Black Metal then I would not be into music at all today! Black Metal saved my sanity!!! And it got me into writing, too!!! And then came the internet...
  15. *curses* I have to stop pressing on all kind of weird buttons here and messing up my posts...gggggrrrrrr!!!! Never the less: I like gothic horror, but when it comes to books then fantasy is my all time favorite genre! But one book really stands out amongst my collection of Elfquest comics, War of The Spider Queen, and Dark Elves book series and that is The War of The Flowers by Tad Williams. Now I bet somebody is sniggering over that title, and in this case the Swedish title is much more fitting...roughly translated is is called...Last Departure to The Fae Realm. The main character in the book is not really a metal head, but more of a hard rocker and by mysterious and tragic ways he ends up in another dimension together with his leather jacket, an old book, and the coolest red haired sprite ever! Now this other dimension is the Fae Realm, but not the one usually talked about in fairy tales but one with computers, goth clubs, a drug called pixie dust, riots, and rebellion. Now that is all I have to say for the moment or I will be giving away spoilers, but someone once refered to it as "Metallica meets Tolkien". Read more about it here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_War_of_the_Flowers