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  • Interests This usual "shyte": music, exercising, graphical art, herbal lore, rune lore, divination, blogging etc. and etc!

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  1. I do not have a T.V, but I watch that series a lot on Youtube and you are right, it is very well made! I can highly recommend it to any fellow history freaks!
  2. Neil Armstrong!!! I like going places where no one else has been before, which is why I hate tourist locations! The next time you reincarnate, where would you like to be born? Europe, America, or Asia?
  3. That has happened to me, too. I used to go out with these two girls now and again and things quickly went a bit sour: they turned out to be extremely materialistic. They were both goths, which did not bother me at all, but were both single despite being into men and why? Because one could pick out any diehard goth guy who could name the most obscure goth band ever and had a stunning face and body to go with it...but if his income was not hight enough to meet their standards, then they simply did not want anything to do with him, no matter what...in fact they would make fun of him behind his back and look down on him! I have never been into goth men myself, but just because you do not want to have sex with someone, then it does not mean that you cannot sit down and talk with them! And apparently that made those two bitches extremely jealouse...gradually as they discovered that I was not like them and that I got more attention than them, they made up a lie about me and shut me out completely..litterally over night!!!! I did not really care to be honest, I have no room in my life for people who spread rumours...and those who without questioning, believe in them. But envy has destroyed many lives! Do you think that they might envy you in some way? Have you achieved something big recently or do you dare to differ from them in ways that shows that you refuse to conform to them? It might be the answer, but do not see it as an excuse for their behaviour!!!! It might feel tough right now, but people like that are just not worth keeping. Do not make room for toxic people in your life!!!!!!
  4. Dio
  5. I think I would want to be the first one to contracts a new deadly disease: I like to read when I am ill and I would not be doing much of that if I had the intellect of a lab rat! Just on a light and silly note, but still related to the above: what do you want to be when you die...an intelligent, but rather lonely ghost roaming your favorite spot on this planet or a dim witted zombie in the company of lots of other dim witted zombies while chasing the living and eating their brains.
  6. I know, I am a confused soul who thinks waaaayyy too much (I am the sort who can stand by a bus stop thinking about Nietzche's philosophical theories...that is how bad it is) So never mind those pesky radio waves, it is those sodding brain waves which are really distrupting my mind...esspecially when I sit in parks! *lol*
  7. That is one "dirty* sounding vocal...I like it
  8. Nightwish - Nemo
  9. Decided to nurture my inner nature child today and went to a park, stared at some honey bees doing their business amongst the flowers and began to think: 5G is one it's way...hold on to your knickers everybody, the internet is going to be faster than ever! You will barely have time to type a search word before the global spider web sends you sliding down one of it's zillion strings. The bad news is that since 3G came along, honey bees have been dying in an ever increasing number. And well, a honey bee is the middle (wo)man...only female bees collect pollen...when flowers and many plants and trees have sex. Without the honey bee we would loose one third of all the crops grown on this planet...good bye almost all fruit and nuts, carrots, lemons, cabbage and obviously honey etc. which is a good alternative to penicillin....but yaaaay, welcome ultra-super-soddingly-amazing fast wi-fi. Perhaps I should stop going to the park, I seem to end up all depressed....
  10. It might be what is called Italia sauce here in Sweden...most likely made of Dutch tomatoes, put in glass yar in eastern Europe, and manufactured by a company in Denmark *lol*
  11. What is Napoli sauce?
  12. Tell you what, I do not like a typical metal chick...I do not own a pair of jeans or leather jeans and I do not own any band t-shirts. People just do not know which box to place me in, because I do not like some dull square either or what ever you call it, but I LOVE metal music!!!! I will not advice you to start dressing like me...people will really give you strange looks if you turn up at a gig wearing a long skirt and a corset *lol* But get yourself some tight jeans and wear them for some time before a gig...brand new signals that you are trying to hard and make sure your underwear is not showing...wearing your jeans halfway down your ass...is just well...HELL NO!!!! And buy your first band t-shirt at a gig: this signals that you are really in it for for the music. We have all been newbies, none of us were born with long hair and wearing studded armbands and some not so cool choices are bound to be made...like as when I bought a pair of leather jeans well knowing that I hate wearing trousers..."but damn, I wanted to look metal!" So if you see look that you like then be inspired...but do not try to copy down to the tiniest detail.
  13. Great
  14. Hunter!!!! One needs to eat before being able to chop down trees for a house or gather healing herbs and bark! Philosopher or scientist?
  15. I love 1980's goth like Bauhaus, Rosetta Stone, Sisters of Mercy too...and (some might dissagree with this) gothic influenced bands like Deathstars! Together with some noughties bands like Dawn of Oblivion. I love listening to goth rock/metal just before I go to slep....otherwise I just cannot relax!