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  1. Hi these are my favourite breakdowns in Metal. What are you guys best breakdowns?!
  2. Hatebreed - Destroy Everything. While cooking
  3. I like it. Feeling a dark emotion when listening to this song Lyrics?
  4. What about Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer? Especially the part from 2:42 \M/
  5. Type O Negative - White Slavery is so deep
  6. Tell me more about the end
  7. King 810 - Fat around the heart.
  8. Hey there I am from the Netherlands.
  9. Hmm agressive, let me get my playlist for this. (Not everything will be NU Metal though) Hatebreed - Destroy Everything Nailbomb - Cockroaches Hatebreed - Puritan Born From Pain - Trigger the Tempest Hatebreed - Become the Fuse All Shall Perish - Wage Slaves Throwndown - Hopeless Machine Head - Seasons Wither I hope U like some of it \m/
  10. Greetings everyone from Metal Forum. I am fairly new to Forums but I life & breathe Metal. Some information about who I am and my history with Metal music. I used to be a fat kid that had lots of anger issues, the fucking government put me on Ritalin meds and it made me a Zombie, one day I forgot taking my Meds and I went complete haywire, I smashed a double glass window at the age of 8 with my bare hands. After that I stopped taking meds and I got removed from my "normal" School. They put me in some kind of psychiatric class with lots of other crazed out kids like me (Well they made us think we were crazy) They had locked me up for over 50 times at the age of 9. After I told my parents about this happening they removed me from that school aswell. At this time I was about 11 years old. Where I live they have Elementary School -> High school -> Professional education.. Well I went to a Elementary School for children with behaviour issues and lots of autism, I loved how we (The special children) got used to being "not normal". Kids threatening to kill everyone at school was not very uncommon for us but I am glad none of them actually picked up arms and did it. At the age of 12 I used music to release my everyday rage I build up by just going outside. I just fucking hated society so much. It started with Drum & Bass and by the age of 15 I discovered a genre that fit my personality and helped me release my anger. Thats right Metal, I started listening to Slayer, Slipknot, Born from Pain, and many more agressive types of Metal music. Everyday when I came home from school I went on the Computer and searched for better (More aggressive) Metal music so I could release my anger by listening to it. I ended up listening to Hatebreed, Machine Head, Gorgoroth, Behemoth (too much to mention all actually). When I almost completed Elementary School I got kicked out for having too much issues with Math (Even here I didn't fit in). It tried so fucking hard, I studied Math every day I showed them how much I wanted to complete Elementary School but No. these motherfuckers kicked me off like I was some sort of animal no one likes. This moment I knew I had to change something in my life. Even music wasn't enough for me to release my anger at this stage of my life. So at the age of 15 I started searching for job opportunities for a person like me. I found out I really loved working outside so I wanted to become a lumberjack.. Yeah this didnt work out because I had no proper diplomma for this.. So at the age of 16 I joined the army. Look if someone is still reading this I know U dont want to know what happened in the army (Basic training - Infantry Training). Well in the end of the day I am 19, Im a Gunner on a light weight combat vehicle and my job is killing everything thats a threat to my country. I think U allready discovered English is not my common writing language by now.