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  1. I have checked the above songs. Except for Disturbed, Most of them I don't like, especially slipknot. They're just not my style. And they sound more typical rock than nu metal. But don't worry. Most people fail to figure out what I like, and 'Disturbed- Droppin' Plates' is a brilliant song to me.
  2. I am collecting a list of aggressive nu metal songs. Can anyone recommend me a list of some very aggressive, savage, fairly fast paced nu metal songs, ones which can make you want to fight. I already know most of Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park, and I need something similar to the style of those, where the riffs are creative and brilliant sounding (example, Limp Bizkit - Gimme the Mic ), and not too dull and simple. But the song should not be too aggressive that it sounds like mindless noise ( example, slipknot - people=sh*t ) some of my favorite examples are given below: King 810 - Kill em' all Limp Bizkit - Gimme the mic Mushroomhead - Burn Linkin Park - Don't stay Check these songs in order to get an Idea of what I'm looking for. List as many as you know of. Thanks.