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  1. voted, keep it up!
  2. JudgeDread

    emperor of sand

    thought this album was amazing, no bad tacks, "show yourself" is abit watered down, but ok still. despite what people say about mastodons evolution or "change in sound" i think its brilliant, i can appreciate all mastodons styles, but this is up there imo personal favs are, jaguar god, roots remain, steambreather and precious stones
  3. JudgeDread

    What Are You Listening To?

    poxy bbc radio 2 at work :(:(:(:(:( kill me
  4. JudgeDread

    A Sense of Dread....

    also on youtube too now
  5. JudgeDread

    cheesey music video

    terrible cheesey no budget video to our track "carved up Corpses"
  6. JudgeDread

    Do you think Djent is an actual genre?

    i think it was like a type of guitar "sound" and now its just developed into a genre, meshuggah were doing that guitar sound, but they are not what people call "a djent band" problem with bands you associate with "djent" periphery, monuments etc, all sound to similar i think
  7. JudgeDread

    What Are You Listening To?

    at work and the office is empty so iv got mastodons albums on starting with crack the skye
  8. JudgeDread

    Black Harvest

    yeah SC is abit spam central, and loads of dance music crap, found you on band camp too, iv made one for my band too, not sure how you work it thou lol
  9. JudgeDread

    A Sense of Dread....

    my death metal/death corey band from england, essex, inspired by bands like the black dahlia murder, decapitated, amon amarth, scar symmetry and testament , even though it doesnt really sound like any of those bands lol only on souncloud ATM, will be on youtube soon
  10. JudgeDread

    AFTER DEATH ALONE - International DSBM

    i liked Melancholia, dont hear alot of bands do black metal type stuff, especially not in my area, even death metal is hard to come by, all pansy shite around my local scene
  11. Looks like alot of work went into it, i enjoyed it, well produced aswell
  12. JudgeDread

    Black Harvest

    i liked it, iv hit you up on souncloud
  13. JudgeDread

    When Did You First Get Into Metal?

    first album i heard that got me into rock music was RATM's first album, that my mum used to always blare when cleaning the house, then some of the first albums i bought were raging speedhorns first album and loads of cradle of filth albums
  14. JudgeDread


    i think volbeat are awesome, they came from a death metal rock n death type band called dominus , if you didnt already know
  15. JudgeDread

    Whats Up

    quite day at work and just checking out some new bands