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  1. It probably would have set a bad precedent to let "premeditated self-defense" stand up in court. I don't believe Varg was seriously trying to cover up what he'd done though, he knew he was going away. I think he and Euro both could have just walked away from the situation in regards to the friction between them. But that's just an opinion on a personal matter between them, so I don't know. Varg's an intelligent guy and he thrives on controversy. I think he understands this well and also manufactures a lot of it now. "All press is good press." Because of that, I think it's a mistake to demonize him. I don't agree with his views, but I don't feel like I have to in order to listen to his music.
  2. Samael - Blood Ritual
  3. Melvins - The Maggot
  4. 6/10 - I liked most of it.
  5. Covenant - Morbid Angel
  6. 9/10
  7. Arcturus - Aspera Hiems Symfonia / Constellation / My Angel
  8. Late response, but how about "Satanic Vomit"?
  9. Transcend the Rubicon - Benediction
  10. Darkthrone - Transylvanian Hunger
  11. Awesome, Bob. Awesome. Damn good instrumental metal.
  12. Minutemen - Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat
  13. Rebaelliun - Burn the Promised Land
  14. Necrosis - Cadaver
  15. Peter Gabriel - Melt Acid Bath - Demos: 1993 - 1996