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  1. I like it, but I didn't get to listen to all of it 'cause I had to turn in early. Sounds like it's continuing where they were going on Ampeauty and that's cool. Imma listen to it again soon. But for now... NP: Urarv - Argentum
  2. Pungent Stench - Smut Kingdom
  3. Sinoath - Still in the Grey Dying
  4. Massacre - The Second Coming
  5. That's like the people that say Death stopped making good albums after "Leprosy". "All tech, no soul!" NP: Suffocation - ...Of the Dark Light
  6. Ildjarn - Det frysende nordariket
  7. White Zombie - "Drowning the Colossus"
  8. Damn it's been awhile, I almost forgot about that movie. That is a good one.
  9. Brutal Truth - Sounds of the Animal Kingdom
  10. Insanity - Death After Death
  11. Post Mortem - Coroner's Office
  12. Sometimes they played disco too
  13. Innominate


    Snorre contributed some of the riffs for "De Mysteriis..." and also worked out some of the lyrics that Dead hadn't finished. Also, Kyrck Productions had put out a Thorns compilation several years ago called "Stigma Diabolicum". It might still be available.
  14. King Diamond - Fatal Portrait