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  1. Autopsy - Retribution for the Dead
  2. Besieged - Victims Beyond All Help
  3. Moonblood - Taste Our German Steel Katharsis - World Without End Eh... too repetitive. Obliteration - Nekropsalms Drogheda - Pogromist
  4. Melvins - Gluey Porch Treatments
  5. lol In Battle... is one of my favorites of theirs, but I understand the criticisms of it. A friend described it once as sounding like a broken washing machine.
  6. Cause of Death and Eaten Back to Life were the first albums that got me into death metal. I had some friends in school who didn't like metal at all, but for some reason they liked Bolt Thrower's In Battle There Is No Law!
  7. Carbonized - For the Security
  8. Absu - The Third Storm of Cythraul
  9. Morbid Angel - Abominations of Desolation
  10. Swordmaster - Wraths of Time Dismember - Complete Demos Dismember is back together. Hot damn
  11. Vomitory - Revelation Nausea
  12. Obliteration - Cenotaph Obscure
  13. Dismember - The God That Never Was
  14. Emerson, Lake & Palmer - S/T
  15. Agathocles - Razor Sharp Daggers Carbonized - For the Security
  16. Pungent Stench - Been Caught Buttering