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  1. Both are amazing. However I would have to go with Dark Funeral, due to Dominator's drumming. It is truly amazing and sets the band apart from any other.
  2. Dark Funeral- Nail Them To The Cross
  3. fjm


    I 100% agree. Considering the 1st song "All shall fall" is a glorified re-recording of I-Battalions. The rest of the songs seem weak commpared to Immortal's previous works.
  4. fjm


    Recently I have been listening to quite alot of Abbath, I and Immortal. I think all 3 bands are amazing, however I think Abbath should have stuck with Immortal. What are your guys thoughts on Abbath or Immortal?
  5. First 40 seconds or so is just amazing. I have so many riffs which I love I can only name 1.
  6. My guitar is a Fender Telecaster Modern Player. Not too cheap. Not too expensive. Perfect for nearly all genres. However if you are only playing metal I would reccomend something with more humbuckers. It has a tele neck pickup, the middle is a strat pickup and the bridge is a fender humbucker. Truly an amazing/versatile guitar.
  7. fjm


    I think overall it is a good album and I am not dissapointed. After Behemoth's tour this year they are recording another album. Personally I prefer albums like Evangelicon, Los Zios Kultas and The Apostacy. I think Nergal's voice changed for the worse after his cancer. You notice this as when live he often breaks his screams/growls by shouting.
  8. I recenty stumbled upon some unblack metal. Surprisingly to me it seemed as good as black metal. Personally the religion/beliefs of the artist dont make any difference to the quality or my opinion of the music. I wonder what you guys think about unblack metal? Here was the song:
  9. Gorgoroth wound upon wound.
  10. fjm


    Hi I'm new around here, I haven't been listening to metal for that long. I am a drummer and guitarist, however I do not play in a band. I am a big fan of Behemoth, Slipknot. I also like loads of other random metal songs like roots. Any suggestions of stuff i should listen to?