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  1. hi guys! ı really need help about my french homework. ıs there anyone french to help me or someone who knows french? it is so important so please feel free to help me
  2. GUYS I'M HAVING A CRISIS! There was a song I listen to sometimes. But it wasn't on my apple music account so I was listening it on youtube. it was similar to cannibal corpse. i mean genre/ style. i remember the lyrics a little but could not be able to find the song and it got stuck on my head:/ i have to find it so there is the lyrics i remember: if I don't kill a f*cker now, I'll carve myself till I passed out. And it goes with something like An axe... A knife.. in a nutshell please help me ! if there is anyone who knows this song or have an opinion on what it might be pretty pretty please help me!! thanks anyway and sorry for my bad language i am not native.