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  1. I am 40. Probably the oldest around here...haha!
  2. Thank you Thank you!!! I am crazy for them Thank you!! If you like Pantera ... you are a person with exquisite taste Thank you!! Great forum, but it took me a little while of how to reply messages....hahaha!! No idea who they are... my knowledge is not very wide! My favaorite spanish bands are (in not particular order): Baron Rojo, Obus, Banzai, Tierra Santa, Rosa negra, Saratoga, Zenobia. I am crazy about japanese culture from terror movies to yukatas. There are a couple of heavy metal bands that I really like: X-Japan and Boris. Crazy for them! ?
  3. Hi!! My name is Arantxa from Spain. I live in west London. I Iove Pantera, AC/DC and Spanish heavy metal bands. I can't wait to find more about this forum. ?
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