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  1. recommendations

    can someone recommend some bands
  2. no because of the internet there is more access to the internet and websites
  3. One hit wonders in metal

    poison maybe?
  4. is this site dead

    i dont use this site alot because it seems like no one uses is it dead?
  5. New thrash acts?

  6. your opinions on black metal music/scene

    I think its awesome
  7. bathory black metal vs battle metal

    which style of bathory is for you I'm more for black metal
  8. Mayhem vs Burzum

    it was a joke
  9. what's the most metal thing you own?

    right now a slayer poster
  10. Black metal drummers vs death metal drummers

    death metal for me
  11. Mayhem vs Burzum

    burzum because varg has more studio albums than live ones
  12. Best Replacement Singer?

    blaze bailey trolololololololol jk
  13. Lemmy Vs Chuck Norris

    lemmy wins instanly
  14. 80's and 90's metal vs. nowdays metal

    80s I think were the best but nowadays stuff is really good with ghost and mastadon