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  1. I am not so great to pronounce the english words either, but i have a friend who only speaks english, there i have to talk, it helped me a lot too. When i use Google i translate words from danish, i am pretty good to danish!! ?
  2. Right now: focus and do well in school. Travel with my best friend. Be around with inspiring and positive people as much as possible. One of my achievements now so far is cutting negative people out of my life. ??
  3. Metallica, St.Anger I thought i was so hardcore when i got the cd, i was a teenager back then ?
  4. Haha i didn't see that coming ?
  5. And yes i am that kind of person who does this: ☕️?? and reposts quotes ? Did i go to far? Well they say it's lame, no shame ? It rhymes!!!

  6. I forgot to buy cocoa D: ☕️ I am kinda addicted!! ?

  7. Do you believe in that stuff, like do you read horoscopes? Go to an clairvoyant, or listen to meditating music that is suppose to clean your chakras ? Well i am not an expert in this topic, just read it somewhere. I am openminded when it comes to this, maybe some of you have experiences you wanna share?
  8. I know the basic ones in english, but i want to be so much better than this, so i could participate more in forums, it can be difficult to explain when i am on this level of english, that's why i stick to the more simple questions. ? And guys If you want to learn greenlandic, you are welcome to ask me ☕️
  9. I do believe in ghosts. I also think that paranormal stories/ series (on tv) are exciting, i always thought that the stories behind them are fascinating, although i wouldn't be glad or entertained If my house was haunted.
  10. Thank you everyone i am doing fine Will ? I am going to study in Nuuk, so i am leaving my hometown in three days. I have mixed feelings about leaving my family and friends, i am also very excited to see my friends again. You guys you are lucky you have trains, it must be so easier to get around...
  11. My name is Becka, I am 24 and I am from Greenland (: i am here to meet new friends and to learn/improve my English language. Why now? I was really shy in school, and it's never too late to try again my favorite band is Trivium, I am going to study as marine/ snescooter mechanic, I love coffee and I want to take on a coffee adventure someday. I have one sibling, my little brother (we are both huge fans of The Hardy Boys, yes we fight about our own invisible championship belt). That's what I can tell about myself B
  12. Tim Minchin, i think he is funny and i love his songs. I have never been in his liveshows though.
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