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    Guitar, heavy metal, swearing, drinking, sex, thrashing, slashing, bashing, smashing, crashing, fast and heavy riffs, denim and leather, boots, THE TOXIC WALTZ! Telling the moderators where to go on the minecraft forums, generally being an abrasive pest. Mayhem, destruction. Thrash. More thrash. Beer farts.

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  1. Prove it. Fucking prove that there is catastrophic man-made global warming. And the EPA should be dissolved, waste of money. And yeah I know about communists and communism. Let's have a short history lesson shall we? Since you seem to not have paid much attention in school. Joseph Stalin, General Secretary of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union. Giant fucking asshole. He had people falsely accused and arrested, executed without trial and sent to gulags throughout the USSR. (See this is what happens when you libs get your way and get all of our guns taken away, because then the
  2. And the OTHER thing that's pissing me off, all these fucking commies talking about how corporations are somehow evil.... yet THEY KEEP FUCKING BUYING SHIT! Hey I got a fucking idea, let's kill all the fucking corporations and see just how fucking long you last.
  3. Almost there. Hasn't been that close in a long damn time. http://thebulletin.org/timeline "Today, rising temperatures, resulting from the industrial-scale burning of fossil fuels, will change life on Earth as we know " No the fuck it will not. Volcanic activity has gone on for billions of fucking years on this rock and you think a bunch of insignificant (compared to the planet, myself included) are really going to DAMAGE, THE PLANET? HAHHAHAHHAHA the planet is fine. Even if there was such a thing as global warming, the planet would be fine, the PEOPLE would be fucked. Or adapt. I could dea
  4. "What's the matter with you people? You're not makin enough fuckin noise! You're not wimpin out are ya? Lemme hear ya say 'fuck no James!'" "Fuck no James!" "Alright... this next song's gonna kill all the fake people out there! All the posers! We fuckin hate them... I'm not sposed to say fuck..." -James Hetfield, 1983 I think it was. I can't fuckin remember.
  5. Welcome, I'm learning guitar too, it's definitely alot of fun. I must ask you though, since you've been at it for a bit longer than me; was there a point where your fingers started to hurt? Because mine never do, and I'm pretty sure they have callouses already. I just think it's weird.
  6. Ohh an AC/DC lover, excellent. Welcome to the forum!
  7. Yeah, I guess my "guilty pleasure" songs aren't really that, because I don't feel guilt... I just don't listen to them unless I am feeling certain... feelings.
  8. Was listening to Boston, now I'm listening to Paschendale by Maiden.
  9. I love a good walk through the woods, whether on snowshoes or just boots. Calms me down like... slayer. Though usually slayer makes me want to kill everything.......
  10. Iron Maiden Metallica Exodus Nuclear Assault or SOD Megadeth In no particular order.
  11. SOD Skool bus Ok now its uh King At The King - Evil is In ok... stoopid fuacking ... um thingee
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