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  1. I like them pretty much! Fear No Evil and Rock You to Hell are excellent! I would recommend I Want More, strong balad, and Matter of Time.
  2. I feel their time has passed. Their sound is too robotic, I am getting no emotions from them. It feels average and boring. Their last big epic-Illumination Theory can´t stand up to their legacy, to beast of the song such as Change of Seasons or Octavarium. Also, LaBrie… I am feeling really sorry about him. They made bad steps, they won´t get far. They reached their peak a long time ago.
  3. True. Also Maiden is still fulling the stadiums around the globe!
  4. I reckon that it is in a great extent. I was watching Rob Chapman´s video that is an answer to CircleofTone(if I remember that correctly) on topic that metal music is dead. CoT stated that metal is dying because the legends of genre are absent and not existent anymore. No metal on TV, newspaper, radio etc. And Rob said, with whom I totally agree, that what radio and TV were for music in the past, that is youtube today! And really, tons of youtubers promoting the metal in various ways, entertaining, as critic, analysis… I think internet does a pretty good job of keeping metal wheels in motion.
  5. Metal is not at mainstream right now but I think that it is more than alive! I am from Serbia and I am getting a feeling that the world has become a really small place because kids in my school are pretty much folowing the globalised trend set by celebrities from , mainly, US. Rap is really popular herex stuff like Post Malone, Drake, that guy that passed away, Eminem of course and that type of performers. But even small country like mine has some so to say, popular metal bands that are gaining good atention. Metal is good and healthy it seems to me, he is just out of public eye.
  6. Sir, I've come to this particular post only to say sorry for my stubbornness. I gave Opeth another, so to say, shot. Mikael's voice does not represent any kind of unpleasant expirience that it used to do. I enjoyed Ghost Reveries and got much bigger picture of what Opeth is and how I should feel their music. Trust me that I felt stupid for my conservative views, I stated it also in another post of this precious forum some time ago, that I am stubborn and conservative when it comes to introducing something that my selfish brain does not consider being his. Cheers!
  7. I´ve done it already. That is much more violent, not my cup of cake. I do not like death metal at all. I stand behind my statement.
  8. I always loved Maiden for theme choices, I often found them to be really interesting and gripping and I love Maiden´s storytelling.
  9. I am not fan of not clean vocals and such a thing but I like Blackwater Park and Still Life. And beside that I like Damnation. I don´t quite enjoy themes like they have in their songs nor atmosphere because of my personality but one thing is sure-they are fantastic band and unique. They are like death metal Pink Floyd, their progressive is not Symphony X progressive or Dream Theater or Tool progressive, so they are not that much complex in music composition. All in all, excellent band.
  10. For me it would be A Change of Seasons by Dream Theater, one of my favorite songs. Music alone is fantastic journey into theater of dreams. Song really shows off what these guys are able to do. And of course, lyrics written by drummer Mike Portnoy about loss of his mother and lesson to seize the day or ˝Carpe Diem˝ on Latin. Song hits pretty hard both mind and heart. It made think about my decisions in past and made me get up and do something about myself. Made me feel the real world and in a way. I recommend it to everyone despite of genre they prefer.
  11. I think they killed the album with too many repetitions. Empire of the Clouds would´ve been better if they did not expanded it so it sounds like they are only wanting to beat the record of their longest song. But after not so memorable last album, this is step into a right direction.
  12. Well, you may look at them as doom metal, or whatever, but they have that pure metal sound more then any other band that I am into so that is the reason I listed it here, they are like closest to description. You can look at Maiden like power metal if you want, at Accept like speed metal, well Danzig II is kind of blues metal, but as I said, purest metal with little bit of add-ons. It is interesting for me that you did not mention any other choice like Iron Maiden´s self-titled album, it is kind of punk metal little bit. And I am interested to know why it is more of an interesting take in your view, so I can know if I missed my explanation´s point. Btw, I am not offended or whatever, just like to discuss, cheers! \m/
  13. Same here! Riffs are repeated too many times, Harris's basslines are not what they used to be as well as his song-writting. Only song that stands strong for me is Speed of Light.
  14. For several reasons. Of Course, subjective view. Alexander the Great is the first Maiden song that I heard when I was 5. So that is the album that had shown me the Majesty of Maiden. Songs are well written, themes are interesting as well as concept. Caught Somewhere in Time is epic, features one of best guitar solos, drums are just crazy as well as galloping bass. And at the end, artwork of the album. I am very glad to own a vynl, my gf bought it for my birthday. So this album is pretty much "all killer no filler". To sum it up, why I like this album more then others: futuristic color of music, my favorite Maiden song, shredding solos and riffs, concept, all in all, special place in my heart.
  15. Indeed. He has wonderful vocal abilities. Glad to see someone mentioning him. I remember first time hearing him I was like "Wooow" on that high notes. And then he sang even higher. Forgiiivee meeee GGGGGRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIILLAAAAAAA. just epic. \m/
  16. Lemme surprise you more, I like BNW too. For me it is their last kickass album. Rest are just meh. Favorite for me is Somewhere in Time followed by Powerslave. First seven albums are Maiden, rest feels more mediocre and less artistic. Just my opinion.
  17. If classic heavy metal is in case, my list would look likr this 1. Iron Maiden-Somewhere in Time 2. Accept-Balls to the Wall 3. Grim Reaper-Fear no Evil 4. Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath 5. Danzig-Danzig II:Lucifuge The rest would be pretty much Maiden. As I am going to pay a listen to Motorhead and Priest soon, list might change.
  18. I love both bands but, Megadeth is, for my money, better. Why? Well, I love complexity, and Megadeth surely beats Metallica there, just like in terms of musicianship and staying more loyal to the genre. Some Metallica records sound too soulless for me. Only things Metallica has that Megadeth doesn't is better vocals and that legendary albums, but, you have to admit, Dave's vocals are just lol, you have to at least laugh at them like you would laugh and roast your best friend. But why are we even comparing two trash bands?
  19. My metal horns are best erected wuth these Symphony X's Sea of Lies and Domination intro riffs, Accept's Fast as a Shark intro riff, Maiden's Powerslave, Danzig's Long Way Back from Hell, Grim Reaper's Never Coming Back...
  20. Another guitarist here ^^! I am playing guitar for 2 years now. As you mentioned legends that reminds me of a series I watched recently, it is called Cracking the Code and Troy Grady(if I am not mistaken) is creator. He told a story of his friendship with guitar and how he learnt to play. The series is followed by exellent explanations, cool animations and I learnt much things from it so I warmly recommend it to anyone who wonders how Yngwie, Michael Angelo and Eric Johnson can play that fast and clean.
  21. Last few weeks I am listening to Dokken and band called Steel Heart. It's singer and guitarists are from Balkans as I am and singer's range is apsurd, his vocal range belongs to, as my friend that introduced me to them said, counter-tenor which is highest vocal male group. That really amazes me and I think that they are worth of attention. Also Yngwie has hair metal material. I highly recommend his albums Odyssey, Trilogy, Eclipse and Fire and Ice. They have some pretty cool hair metal things. If you decide to listen to them I wish you to enjoy in their music. \m/
  22. Maybe someone mentioned them before me if not you will read this recommendation for a first time here. I recommend Symphony X.
  23. I think I am better with it now, I am getting used to it I have just listened few new bands. I am stupid for not thinking about some things, he is damn right of course... Send me some recommendations from all genres with clean voices(if you read my post you now what I am into for now) I will appreciate it.
  24. I don't know, I just felt completely bad when I found better bands than Maiden, it really was a shock for me. I knew that there must be someone better but I just felt really really bad because of it. I said that I am conservative. I had a chance to see (from some other posts) that we have completely different taste in music and view of it so I don't expect you to understand me. However thanks for replying