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  1. Scarface Soundtrack - Push It To The Limit
  2. Bloodbath - The Fathomless Mastery
  3. Call From The Grave - Dork Funeral Cover
  4. Nile - Die Rache Krieg Lied Der Assyriche
  5. Satanic Warmaster - The Vampyric Tyrant
  6. Just what I wanted to hear. I really need to check Taake's songs more often. 8/10 Now keeping the genre:
  7. Possessed By Metal - The Force
  8. Athame


    Same here lol. Resident Evil 2 was my first game, Then RE3. I was really scared of Silent Hill but I did played, but the piano puzzle was really annoying, took me years to figure it out. And Tekken 3 of course, I miss this game so much, I used to lay Capoeira on my friends and they always got angry on me because they said eddy was a broken fighter hahaha...I miss these times
  9. Waking The Cadaver - Tire Iron Emblugeonment
  10. Well if I had no choice, I would choose to lose the ability to speak because the sights are much more important to us, you can't do absolutely nothing without it. Would you rather drown or be burnt to a crisp
  11. Mortician - Domain Of Death
  12. Graveyard BBQ - Cheat On The Church
  13. Gorguts - Considered Dead
  14. Just got a new internet, 200M. Never seen the download bar go so fast...Goodbye social life
  15. Cave Have Rod - Big Rod Is Coming
  16. R.E.M - Turn You Inside Out
  17. 8/10 I Love Asian Dub Foundation , Enemy of the enemy is one of my favorites Now, I've been looking for this song..Finally found it:
  18. Carcass - No Love Lost
  19. Mötley Crüe - Dr. Feelgood