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  1. Horns
    salmonellapancake given a Damn from MacabreEternal in The Fallen Ones   
    Man, it feels like I haven't logged in in forever. I had a pretty serious bout with depression, and for the longest time I didn't even find it fun to listen to music anymore. I'm on an upswing now, though. I'm in a new death metal band and we've got a backyard gig coming up, I'll be 20 soon, and things are looking okay, which is more than I could ask for. Going to post some stuff that helped get me back on the extreme metal track.
  2. Horns
    salmonellapancake gave a Damn to MacabreEternal in The Fallen Ones   
    Hey @Thrashman @mindy6158, nice to see you both around.  The list was a sad one to write and I think the remaining regulars all hark for a time when we had some of the more familiar faces around.  Whilst this post was not intended to be a lure to get people posting again it is great to see you - however fleeting this may be - and stay safe out there!
  3. Horns
    salmonellapancake gave a Damn to FatherAlabaster in The Fallen Ones   
    Whoa, Mindy and Thrashman! Nice to see you both, and nice post @MacabreEternal. I definitely get nostalgic about the community as it stood a few years ago. I also understand not having the time, I've had precious little of it myself lately and have actually gotten off of FB to try and get my head back on straight.
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