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  1. 7.5/10 the power in that voice is amazing
  2. 7/10 it's impossible to hate Judas Priest.
  3. Maybe you should add a chat for people to talk and discus outside the forums.
  4. I'm more accustomed to death/black metal and Doom/stoner metal, not that I haven't dipped into Thrash before, but this is the first full Thrash album I've listened to in full. It was like an orgasmic beating for my ears.
  5. Just bought Reign In Blood, WOW! It's bloody amazing. Angel of death was such a great song.
  6. I hadn't actually heard that album for, listened to it and I think it's brilliant.
  7. Let it all be, is by far my favorite song by them. Short version. Long Version (Low Audio quality)
  8. I'm loving this thread, I may not be a girl, but I definitively like long haired guys. I know he's grunge, not metal but Kurt Cobain used to be a sexy man.
  9. I'm really starting to fall in love with them, I keep listening to them. '(A) Senile Animal' was brilliant on par with 'Houdini' in my opinion. I can see why people would be put off by them, especially with the experimental stuff. 'The Bride Screamed Murder' is my faviourte, that I've listened to at present. They have a new album out this week, I'm so bloody excited. Here's just a snippet...
  10. I love the Melvins, they're one of my faviourite bands of all time, sometimes grouped as Grunge, they definitely sound more like Doom/Sludge/Stoner metal with some grunge elements and a nice shot of experimental.
  11. @RelentlessOblivion @FatherAlabaster Well actually rock wouldn't exist without Blues music - which isn't Jazz. Look at black musicians like Howlin' Wolf and you will see the influence it has on both Rock and Metal - particularly early metal artists like Black Sabbath. Rock'n'Roll of the 50's, which without, music as we know it wouldn't exist, was a combination of country and blues. So, even if you don't classify metal as apart of rock - because metal also draws from classical and heavy music - You must acknowledge that the genres are interlinked. (Not to even mention the influences that
  12. Thank you all for the warm welcome Yeah, I jumped into the deep end with vader Technically it was Maximum the Hormones song "What's up?" That turned my intrest onto metal, but VADER solidified it. I suppose Rock is the most verried genre, because Heavy Metal could be classified as a off shoot of Rock. Only Rock could have Pat Boone and The Rolling Stones under the same Roof. Yeah, my taste is drastically verried, I'm in a love affair with Rockabilly and all things 50's Rock'n'Roll and I've even delved into Hip-hop/Rap and Brit Pop - Thanks to the Gorillaz - recently.I could ta
  13. Everything has it's place, and I mean every genre has a place. If it makes a sound, SOMEONE will enjoy it, even if you don't enjoy it or think it isn't technical enough, don't declare it the worst and brag that your taste in music is more refined. You just come off as a snooty, high horse riding bitch. Also, keep an open mind and listen to more than the first 5 seconds of a song. While I have your attention, don't just declare a song terrible when the only thing you know about it is it's genre.
  14. I'll probably check them out at some point, I'll need to add it to my massive list though.
  15. By my profile picture, I think it's obvious which one I'm gonna choose. They're the band that got me into metal into the first place. I have "Tibi Et Igni" on vinyl and "The Beast" on CD - as an album Tibi is so fucking good. I can't decide on a faviourt song. But, I am obviously bias here. I haven't even listened to Deicide.
  16. Hello, I'm a big music fanatic, I love everything from smooth Jazz to Death metal to rock to country and folk. I used to think metal was meaningless noise and look down on bands like Slayer, but over the past year I've fallen in love with metal, all thanks to Vader. (I even like some Hair Metal :P)
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