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  1. Good one, lol. LG k 20 plus. I took a picture of the whole design on the shirt, but the kb exceeded the allowed number to upload on here. So it took me forever messing around with the photo, and that was as good as I could get it. LOL
  2. GorboGorboze, I couldn't find anything on that spelling you suggested. I can only make out certain letters and thought if it was a band tee, that someone would recognize the likeness of the logo. You know that's funny your wife said that because I asked the girl at the thrift store if she listened to metal, and said of course, so I said "Can you tell what that says?" After she inspected it for like 2 seconds, she goes, "Oh that's Metallica." 😑 Hi there, I bought it without knowing the band (if it is indeed a band tee) because I've bought albums of bands I didn't know before, Throne of Katarsis for example, and ended up loving it! Plus the design is sick, it's like a semi nude woman cloaked like death trampling over skulls. So I thought it could be some obscure black/death metal band that i wanted to make a potential back patch for a battle vest. https://blackmetallurgy.wordpress.com/2012/08/02/battle-jacket-how-to-make-a-patch-out-of-a-t-shirt/
  3. Bought this shirt from goodwill, looks like a metal band logo, but can't make it out. This is as good a picture I could take on my phone, any help?
  4. As far as U.S. black metal, Leviathan, Xasthur, Havohej, Absu, Wolves in the throne room, I Shalt Become, Judas Iscariot, and Crebain come to mind.
  5. Gothic country? Is that when Scott started Nocturnal Poisoning? Quick factoid about Demonic Christ, she had some pictures showing her lady bits online.
  6. I don't know why, but I always liked the banjo solo on taake's album Noregs Vaapen. I almost forgot, throne of katarsis - funeral moonlight. I enjoyed the tempo change that happens about 7:11 - 8:40 ish.
  7. Black funeral, profanatica, and nachtmystium.
  8. That's like GMO, I prefer my Black Metal "organic" lol.
  9. I'm a big Gorgoroth fan, so I was excited when QPST was released. I also thought Gaahl and king ov Hell trying to claim rights to the band name and Infernus winning in court tarnished Gaahl and KOH a bit.
  10. Burzum, and Gorgoroth's Under the Sign of Hell, both quentessential Black Metal classics.
  11. By the way,nice to know there are some thought provoking discussions on the forum, good stuff guys.
  12. Absolutely, CBM bands can recreate the Black Metal sound, but for me it's not as authentic. In the sense that they encompass the struggle between good and evil, and will always choose the path of god due to their convictions. As opposed to most BM bands that embrace darkness, negativity,and or evil whether or not they are agnostic, atheist,pagan,etc. Just as NSBM or Dsbm is categorized,christian black metal to me is just that, christian black metal. Don't get me wrong, I don't think it shouldn't exist, or can't co exist, Antestor musically is not bad. If I may though, Christians playing Black Metal is like Mexicans dressing up like the Norse and reenacting a Viking ship funeral, or like Irish men draped in full Aztec gear reenacting a sacrificial offering to the sun god. It's just not the same.
  13. They aren't that bad actually, just that split wasn't my cup of tea. IMO the only good song on that cd was in fact by Dodsferd.