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  1. Hi I have a stupid question: Where do I create a signature? I looked through the "edit profile" menu, but I didn't find anything... I like to include stupid stuff in there. Thanks
  2. It's a girl actually. Her name is Mandu (Korean for "dumpling"), and she was born in South Korea (I lived there for a while). She is a pain in the arse, but cute as hell. She is a well travelled cat, having travelled by car, bus, metro, and plane. She travelled from South Korea to the UK (with a pit stop in Germany).
  3. Gimme 30 minutes, I gotta go through my archive, and dig one out, which is not to blurry, those goats don't stay put for pictures, you know... Arg, party pooper! ha ha ha
  4. There is not pretty picture of myself. I indeed do have a cat. here's a picture of my kitty wearing a Hawaiian shirt: What do I win? There's surely some kind of bonus for the shirt...
  5. I wish I posted a pretty picture of myself, it seems to work for your intro post... Damn... Welcome! (even though you were here before me and you called me a goat fucker in another subject! )
  6. has lent his outfit for the role of "the Crimp" in the movie Pulp Fiction
  7. Yes, it was a disappointment, especially that the admin' is a buddy of mine. Anyway. The water is not great where I live, but it can be drunk, so I'll survive! As for the jokes, I am only 30 posts in, I'll wait a bit... It is usually bad taste... OK then: What's the difference between Amy Winehouse and a moped? a moped can reach 30
  8. Ha ha ha, Thanks for the flowers! I have been active on other forums, which were smaller. I personally prefer smaller forums, you get to know the people better. But the 2 forums I was involved in, I left. I was a regular on Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal until 2006, where there was a cool community of people. Then he joined Guns N' Roses, and all the GnR fans joined his forum, just posting about GnR, which drowned the community who was talking about Bumblefoot's music, fretless guitars etc. So I went away. I might go have a look what it's like now that he has left GnR! Maybe all the GnR
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