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    Naglfar - Vittra
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    Top 10 Albums of 2018

    Wow, I just read the article and their statement. This is really strange, like I say, considering we have no shortage of extreme bands in this city - and others who tour here. And the Tote of all places. For those who don't know, the Tote is a rock pub literally a block from the Bendigo which is the 'metal pub' I'm always going on about. It has a long history of rock and metal bands playing there, including my own back in the day. It's the type of place where Bon Scott would get into fights and criminals like Chopper Read would hang out back in the 80s. Anyway, to think that suddenly they would be concerned with the lyrics of a local death metal band is just outrageous, and those 'regulars' who did the complaining must be classic SJW cases. Looking at the gig list lately it's clear that there is a real leftist/punk/indie presence going on at the Tote, and it's really rare that metal gigs are put on there at all these days. I should have known, as I keep checking their gig list and haven't been there is ages because nothing comes up - it's just leftist punk indie crap. Whoretopsy must have played a dozen Melbourne venues by now, and as I've been to several shows I can attest that there is nothing remotely violent or anti-social about them. The lyrics are so growled you can't even understand them. They're actually a really fun band to watch with plenty of laughs etc. On a side note, I don't know if you've been there lately Will, but it's really run down and neglected, at least when I was there last. The beer garden in particular was awful when I was last there probably over a year ago. I'm definitely a Bendigo Hotel guy - that place is FAR and away a better venue in every respect, and they put on brilliant metal shows with a better sound, better vibe and better gear. I was there last night in fact. Also, I was using the Requiem name as far back as 2001 on metal forums, so I still claim they stole it from me, unless their band predates about July 01. Anyway, we're really off topic here!
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    What's on your mind?

    Good news: metal pub Bad news: some indie guitar-based faux classic shit is playing. It’s better than punk though. Edit: just found out it’s ZZ Top. I feel a bit bad that I’ve dissed them but at least I can say fairly comfortably that I’m not a fan. Also, I’ve got all my music playing and recording equipment sitting in the spare room. It’s all out and ready to go. Have I plugged it all in and made a start? No I haven’t. It’s been four years since I turned the ancient PC on and I’m afraid of what might happen when I do... so it sits there looking pretty.